If you don’t know who Casey Johnson is by now…too late, she’s dead. Yikes, did I just sound insensitive?

Uhmm…I didn’t mean it that way, k. What I meant was, like Elvis Presley, John Lennon and James Dean…Casey Johson is now somebody you have know posthumous.


R.I.P Casey

She was the Johnson & Johnson (yup, that very same baby-related brand we used as kids) heiress – so messed up in life that she was cut from the family fortune.

No more money for spoilt-brat, mom-of-one Casey until she got her shiz straight, said her family.

Too bad…the 30-year-old heiress never got the chance to prove her worth to her family or anyone for that matter. *sob*

News has it that prior to her death, Casey was living like a vagrant – in rat infested places, dishevelled and with no food to eat.

She had debts left and right, escaped rehab, got engaged to Internet pest superstar Tila Tequila and was found dead last week.

Report on her actual cause of death is still unavailable.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing this is because someone (whose name rhymes with Miki Cheong) told me that I should start predicting celebrity deaths.

Yeah, coz I really want to be referred to as the Angel of Death, you see. *rolls eyes*

Apparently, I should do a Perez Hilton and totally mark which celebrity is going to bite the dust next.

Ermmm…since it’s work, and I like totally have to do it…I guess I choose Travis Barker. Wait, there is a reason for it.

Is he next?

Is he next?

He’s been totally off his rockers since the day he survived the plane crash. His ex-wife says he’s always depressed and has crazy paranoias.

He also used to be a druggie (not that I think all former druggies get back to using drugs during difficult times).

Many of his buddies are afraid he’ll go on the same path as DJ AM (who survived the same plane crash only to die of drug overdose later).

Ok, so there you have it. Travis Barker.

Sharm says: Dear God, please don’t let it happen. Thanks a bunch.

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