Did you read our cover story where I said that there were many people trying out for the E! News Asia hosting gig? Well, I was one of them.

Oh, let me start at the beginning, it’ll make everything much clearer.

When the news that E! News Asia is looking for a host broke out, three people (no, they’re not imaginary) told me that I should try out for it.

Apparently, I fit all of the requirements; 21-years-old or above, of Asian heritage, able to speak fluent English and another language, have on-camera experience, have a background in journalism and have an unhealthy obsession for entertainment news.

Did they describe me or did they just describe me?

Okay, even I cannot lie that after reading the criteria, I understood that E! News Asia was destined to have me as its first female host.

But there is one problem though – I hate being in front of a camera. Like seriously. Hate with a capital ‘H’.

So, I decided that I’d not put myself through the pain of being in front of the camera on a daily basis – not even for fame and fortune.

But my editor had a different plan though. She wanted me to go through with the audition even if it was just for the sake of gaining experience. She even called the organisers up beforehand to book an auditioning spot for me!

Well, now that it had become work, who am I to say no to my editor and deny E! News Asia folks the opportunity to witness a genius at work?

I am not going to lie here. I was totally freaked out and even had nightmares about it. What if I messed up? What if there was something stuck between my teeth and nobody told me about it? I’d be embarrased for years!

Then I realised that there’s no point in freaking out and decided to prepare for the audition instead.

I read somewhere that Lindsay Lohan does 1,000 sit ups before a major photoshoot. So, on the morning of the audition, I did what I could. But after 10 painful sit ups, I gave up and started working on my make up.

There wasn’t much to do. I just put on some eyeliner on the top lid and dabbed on some concealer to cover my blemishes.

I knew that any other make up I applied would disappear by the time I got there.

There would be plenty of time for me to get made up at the venue, I figured.

I was extremely nervous as I walked towards the registration counter at the audition hall in Lot 10 shopping complex in KL.

It was a hot, hot afternoon and the heat was unbearable. Everybody was sweating bullets and thank goodness for deodorants.

I was surrounded by many hopeful applicants – some already famous radio deejays, TV personalities and even beauty queens.

”You definitely stand a chance now,” said one of the many voices in my head.

”Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence,” another voice replied.

I was given a script to memorise and thanks to the many hours I spent on Facebook playing memory games, it was easy for me to remember the lines.

But before I went in for the audition, I interviewed activeTV president Michael McKay, who is the executive producer of E! News Asia.

He was also the head judge for the audition that day. Of course, I asked about what he looked for in a host and made lots of mental notes. Erm, is that considered cheating?

During the interview, somebody mentioned to him that I’d be auditioning for the show as well, and he was very interested to see me try out.

”It’s not everyday that somebody gets to hear tips (on how to audition) from the executive producer,” he said.

I asked for 10 minutes to gather my nerves, ran through the line again and put on my make up.

Of course, the restroom I walked into had some fancy-schmancy mirror (which uses electricity) that was broken. There wasn’t a single reflective surface in the room!

Conjuring the image of my face in my mind, I blindly dabbed on lipstick, put some blusher and let my hair down (that’s a big thing, okay!).

When I got out, my photographer acted as my mirror. I asked him, ”How’s my hair?”

He said, ”A little flat on top. Shake it out a little.”

I did, and walked into the auditioning room, with confidence that depleted with each step I took.

Finally, I was on stage, under the spotlight and there it was, my biggest enemy – the camera.

With one hand on my hips and the other free for wagging my finger (I’ve seen Giuliana Rancic and Kat Sadler at work, okay!), I looked straight into the camera and delivered my lines.

Honestly, I was a nervous wreck. It was over in a flash and all I can remember was thanking Michael and trying not to trip over the cables on my way out.

I don’t think I did good.

Oh well, it was worth the experience and not many people could say that they auditioned for the E! News Asia hosting gig.

I can, and trust me, it’ll be a story I’m going to repeat, even on my deathbed.

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