After over 53,000 video views and 5,000 ‘Likes’ (and that’s just the finals!), the results for the R.AGE Open Mic 2012 YouTube talent search are finally in!

Here are the three YouTube acts who will be performing live at Urbanscapes, as decided by your “Likes” and our judges’ scores.

To the three winners, congratulations!
We’re sure you’ll do great at Urbanscapes. To everyone else who took part, you were brilliant too! Hope to see you in our next edition of R.AGE Open Mic =)

Video views: 9,823
Likes: 1,130
These girls sure know how to put their own spin on stuff. They followed up their first round acoustic cover of Party Rock Anthem with an equally creative mash-up of Want U Back and What Makes You Beautiful in the finals.
Judges’ comments:
“I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what these three will come up with. Creativity catches my ears so I’m definitely amused. Well executed as well.” – Darren Ashley

Natallie Ng
Video views: 9,072
Likes: 1,036
Comments poured in on YouTube in response to Natallie’s original composition, June 18, dedicated to her late father. Many were moved not only by the meaning of the song, but by her soul-baring delivery as well.
Judges’ comments:
“What a heartfelt rendition of a beautiful song. Great vocals. Thanks for sharing something so special with us. Not sure if such a vulnerable act would be appreciated on the Urbanscapes stage as a standalone song, though.” – Juwita Suwito

Video views: 5,892
Likes: 654
Judges’ comments:
“(Lead vocalist) Jared’s chilled out, beachy, Jason Mraz-ish vibe is cool. I wanna see Jared work more on his vocals and diction and hit the right notes so when he harmonizes with Ryan, it will sound even more sweet! Good luck guys!” – Nadhira Nishaa

For all our judges’ comments on all ten of the finalists’ “live” performances, check out their videos on our YouTube channel,

R.AGE Open Mic @ Urbanscapes
Our Top Three winners will be performing live at Urbanscapes on Saturday, Nov 24, at 2:30pm. Don’t be one of the lazy people who only “Like” videos on YouTube. Go show ‘em some love at their big gig!

Plus, you’ll get to watch awesome artistes like Yuna, Sigur Ros, Love Me Butch and our very own R.AGE Open Mic judge Darren Ashley perform as well. Not too shabby, right?

Thanks to…
… all our R.AGE Open Mic sponsors – Urbanscapes, for letting us use your stage; The Spacemen (, for producing our ten finalists’ videos; The Music Kampany (, for producing the audio tracks; and Wowloud (, for allowing us to use your awesome music streaming platform to promote our finalists’ music.

The audio tracks for all ten finalists’ live performances are available on, so make sure you check it out.

Thanks also to our amazing judges –
Juwita Suwito, Liang, Darren Ashley, Nadhira Nishaa and Noh Salleh.

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