R.AGE got to hang out with Fabio Cannavaro, Michael Owen and Patrick Kluivert for a bit when they were in town earlier this week to launch the Global Legends Series (GLS).

Here’s what they had to say about everything from their new venture, to Kluivert’s thoughts on working in the Dutch World Cup squad and Owen’s plans for the future.

Fabio Cannavaro
What was the idea for launching GLS?
Firstly, I want to see the participants like Owen and Kluivert stay fit. I think this is very important. Secondly, for me, is the charity. We want to do charity here in Asia because we know that the situation of some of the people here is not that good. So, I think it’s very important for us to emphasise on charity here.

What do you think about Asian football?
Asia is the future of football. I see a lot of passion for football in Asia, and the population is huge, too. I think, one day, we will see a lot more Asian footballers playing in Europe. A lot of money is being spent on academies and coaches here, so it’s good that we’re here for GLS to help improve football here.

(From left) Fabio Cannavaro and Michael Owen believe the youth hold the key to improving the quality of football in Asia.

(From left) Fabio Cannavaro and Michael Owen believe the youth hold the key to improving the quality of football in Asia.

Michael Owen
How do you think Manchester United will fare in the Premier League this season?
Well, I think Manchester United will do pretty well this season. I think they will be finishing in the top four, but they won’t trouble the big two at the moment. Manchester City and Chelsea are totally going to dominate this year. After coming in seventh last year, I think a Champions League spot will be seen as a good season for Manchester United.

Will you be coaching in the future?
It’s not in my plans to go into coaching. Right now, I do a lot of television work in England. And I have a few other interests and businesses in plans, too. One of them, obviously, is playing in the upcoming GLS games. So, coaching is not something that I’m looking to do just yet.

Patrick Kluivert
How did Holland succeed in the recent World Cup with, arguably, a weaker squad than before?
That’s true, in advance of this year’s World Cup, we knew we were a little bit weaker in defence than in offense. So, we said we were going to take three central defenders, two wide fullbacks and, in the front, enough qualities to let Louis Van Gaal decide where the weakest points of the opponents were and exploit that.

How did you help Louis Van Gaal develop young footballers?
Developing young people and their mental skills is very important. You have to know the player well and the way you have to coach a player depends on how he is as a person. I am at that age between young players and Van Gaal. So, I was the link. Some things the players wouldn’t say to the coach, they would tell me, and I had to find a way to relay that to the coach.


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