Youth of the nation

Happy Malaysia Day! Here’s the final part of our series on youth=driven nation-building initiatives.

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Don’t hate, be moderate!

The Voices of Moderation campaign for youth kicked off on a positive note.

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Simply Stunning

Songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza was so blown away by the performances at CHEER 2014 that she wants some of the teams to perform at her next concert!

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In it to win it!

CHEER 2014 was an incredible two days of heady stunts and combustible energy levels that almost blew Stadium Putra’s roof off.

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Shining bright

Cheerleading is becoming an industry of its own in Malaysia thanks to the growth of local All-Star teams.

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Malaysian youth on MLMs: Scam or not?

Multi-level marketing businesses are increasingly targeting young people, and some aren’t so sure it’s a good thing.

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Get ready to CHEER!

Are you ready to be thrilled by the latest, craziest cheerleading stunts?

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Calling all cosplayers!

BookFest@Malaysia 2014 is having a cosplay festival in conjunction with the Comic Festival Day, held on Aug 3!

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SAFE-ty first

A smartphone app that covers aspects on sex and sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, sexual health, and issues of consent and coercion? It actually does exist!

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WIEF’s guiding lights

R.AGE was invited to participate in the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Young Fellows programme, and got to speak to a number of inspiring young people there.

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