Finding the Orang Asal’s voices

Orang Asal issues are often swept under the carpet, but they’re fighting for media representation and to be heard.

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Reels of hope

A young filmmaker is speaking up for underprivileged children in Sabah through her work.

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Malaysian drum genius returns from New York

Pro drummer Arthur Kam opens up to R.AGE about the challenges facing the local music scene after spending six years in Boston and New York.

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Double trouble

Hujan and Bittersweet tell R.AGE what it’s like being on the front line of the local indie scene for over a decade.

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Learning from the 2011 Japan tsunami

Young leaders from around Asia come together to learn about disaster education from earthquake survivors in Japan through the HANDs! Together programme.

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The Elephant In Our Room

The orang asli in the Royal Belum State Park are constantly fending off elephants that have been translocated into their backyards.

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Return to Royal Belum State Park

R.AGE returned to the Royal Belum State Park to join a task force on a fact-finding mission to further investigate the claims of child deaths.

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The Curse of Serawan

The R.AGE team went deep into the Malaysian jungle to investigate the alarmingly high number of reported child deaths from what locals call “serawan”.

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UNBEATABLE: There’s no pain in paintball

Hanna Rose explains how paintballing is all about teamwork, fitness and self-improvement.

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Seeding MY Hope

Eight university students have launched a campaign to spread hope for a better Malaysia.

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