IT is hard to believe that Demi Lovato had checked into rehab last week. Although her minders say that she is seeking treatment at a medical facility, we know that that’s just a fancy way of saying that Demi is in rehab.

Wow, Demi and rehab, two words no one thought would be used in a same sentence ever, though we should’ve seen it coming, actually.

What? She is a Disney kid after all. Look at what happened to Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera.

The world has heard enough stories about Britney and Lindsay, and though Christina has never had a public meltdown, she is not a goody-two-shoes either.

And oh…where do we even begin with Demi’s current best-friend Miley Cyrus, who was seen downing alcohol a few days ago?

Oh, we can go on for days talking about what Miley did wrong but let’s turn our focus back to the newly minted Disney bad girl, Demi.

The 18-year-old actress cum singer voluntarily seeked help for physical and mental issues at an undisclosed centre. Demi arrived at the decision after she had allegedly punched a dancer who was on tour with her.

Demi and The Jonas Brothers

Demi and The Jonas Brothers

The singer was touring around America with the Jonas Brothers, when a small misunderstanding led Demi to physical altercations with the dancer identified as Alex Welch.

This is not the first time the Sonny with a Chance actress had found herself amidst a scandal. She always had issues in her personal life, and there have been speculations about her self-abuse and depression.

Demi had publicly battled personal issues with her father, who tried to re-enter his famous daughter’s life after leaving the family for years. She was also bullied at school which resulted in her being home-schooled for the rest of her high school years.

She is also often ridiculed for looking ‘chunkier’ compared to the rest of her peers, which allegedly led to her eating disorder. All these drama in her life had definitely taken a toll on the young singer, who has been spotted with cuts on her arms.

That has given rise to talks of self–mutilation, but they were brushed aside and no one dared to prod the issue any further. Even the notorious bad girl Lindsay gave in to self-mutilation as a form of escapism, and was often seen with numerous cuts on her arms and some said even her stomach.

Lindsay, on the road to recovery?

Lindsay, on the road to recovery?

Now that Lindsay has spent over two months in rehab (her fourth or fifth stint or is anyone even keeping track anymore?) she is reportedly on the fast track to recovery.

Sources claim that the recent round in rehab is proving to be more beneficial to Lindsay that all of her previous stays at various centers put together.

The actress is said to be mending fences with her former friends (some said she even reached out to her nemesis Nicole Richie), especially those she shunned for trying to speak some sense into her head.

We all know how Britney is doing now, a little lifeless, but alive nonetheless. She seems to be doing pretty well in her personal life and career (that simply took off from where she left off, as if she never left the industry).

Christina on the other hand has left her Dirrty days way behind her, though the naughty side of her is visible now and then – especially when she’s out with her new best friend.

Guess who? Nicole Richie. Though the ladies had their differences earlier in their career, they made up and are now the best of friends and may possibly be sisters-in-law as well.

Christina is reportedly dating Benji Madden (whose twin brother Joel is engaged to Nicole). Wow, those people don’t date anyone out of their circle, do they?

Anyway, that’s not the point here. The point is, no matter how messed up these Disney princesses’ lives may have gotten, they have sorted things out. A little bit of Disney magic perhaps?

Let’s hope that Demi too will find her happy ending.

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