You guys must have already heard the Malaysian Boy song by Altimet, Point Blanc, Rabbit Mac and DJ Fuzz playing on radio and television.

It’s on heavy rotation on most stations and channels – do you know why? Well, because it’s an awesome song … duh! Now, wouldn’t it be even more awesome to hear that song live? Now you can at the upcoming Suara Kami Konsert/Karnival 2011!

Yup, you read that right. The boys are all set to perform Malaysian Boy at the concert which will also feature other local artistes such as Hujan, Pop Shuvit, Faizal Tahir, Psycho Unit and more.

Not only that, die hard rock kapak fans will just go crazy to know that sharing the stage with the new generation entertainers at Suara Kami are none other than legendary guitarists Man Kidal, Joe Wings, Kit Search and Hillary Ang.

They are all geared up to collaborate with vocalist Lan (from the band Typewriter) to give their undying fans one heck of a rockin’ good time at Suara Kami. Now, who’s in for it? Well, we definitely are.

From left: Point Blanc, Rabbit MAC and Altimet performing Malaysian Boy at the Suara Kami Karnival/Konsert 2011 launch.

Also in on the fun are international acts such as Rania from South Korea, Naresh Iyer and Chin Mayi from India, and Hins Cheung from Hong Kong. These are just some of the best entertainers in the music scene and you better believe it when they say that they are going to give this concert all they’ve got! Also all ready to rouse the crowd up that day are none other than hosts Aznil Nawawi, Ean (from, Hui Min and Reenitha who, we believe, won’t have a difficult time getting already crazy, loud crowd into the mood of things.

Now, if after reading all that and you still don’t feel like you’re up for Suara Kami Konsert/Karnival 2011 … dude, seriously, what’s up with you? Suara Kami is the place to be and if you want in on the fun, R.AGE has got 200 free passes to the concert to give away (thanks to Astro)! You know it’s not that difficult to get awesome goodies from R.AGE and this won’t be any different either.

Just like us on and follow us on twitter (@thestar_rage) to get all the contest details. It’s going to be super easy and you wouldn’t want to miss the most awesome concert of the year.

Suara Kami Konsert/Karnival 2011 will be held on Sept 17 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. For more details, visit



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