Boardgame enthusiasts take note: if you’ve always wanted to find out how your gaming skills rank in the grand gaming ecosystem, why not take the plunge into the wild world of a boardgame league?


Imagine Games, a local distributor of boardgames and miniature games, is teaming up with Bangsar-based Boardgame Depot, to bring a Boardgame League, which just kickstarted this month.


From Tuesdays to Sundays, 12 noon to 10.30pm, you get to pit your boardgaming skills against random people and friends alike, on various gaming titles. Points are awarded for participation and wins: for instance, playing a game nets you one point, while winning one, nets you another.


Each month will feature a different theme for the League: October 2012 is called “Classics”, which is fitting as the month will see players battle it out over sessions of Carcassonne, Survive, Ice Flow and Small World.


Needless to say, players with highest accumulated scores over the four consecutive weeks within the month, get to win prizes. The highest-placed finisher gets an RM50 games voucher, the second-placed person gets an RM30 voucher, while the third-placed person gets an RM20 voucher.


So, ready to rock?


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