Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took their brood (minus the twinsies) on a trip around Venice.

The family was in town to keep Angie company. She’s currently working on The Tourist with none other than Johnny Depp!


Brange and the kids

Suri Cruise has expensive taste

Women who don’t eat, shop, and save all their money  to buy handbags…listen here. Suri Cruise has a USD850 (RM2,900) handbag and she doesn’t even have a job. Oh, wait. That’s because she’s three years old!

The young fashionista (not a title I gave) was seen carrying the expensive handbag on her daily cruise around town. A gift from mum and dad (that woudl be Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for those who still don’t know the tot), I presume. unfair! Ermm, did I mention she’s only three?

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