IF you’re looking for a career in the media industry, the BRATs is probably one of the best places for you to get started.

Many BRATs participants have gone on to have successful careers in media, just like BRATs 2013 participant Julien Chen, now an assistant producer with the international award-winning R.AGE team.

What is the most useful skill you learnt at your BRATs Camp?
I learnt how to dig deep into a certain story and to keep asking questions, because that’s how you make the story stand out from what’s already out there.

When you’re interviewing someone, ask the right questions to get as much out of him or her as possible, because you never know if he or she has a really interesting story.

Former BRATs participant Chen is now an Assistant Produce at R.AGE - Photo: SHANJEEV REDDY/R.AGE

Former BRATs participant Chen is now an Assistant Produce at R.AGE ― Photo: SHANJEEV REDDY/R.AGE

How would you say you’ve grown since becoming a BRAT?

I’ve become a young storyteller who will run to where the action is, to where everyone is running away from.

I’ve also ventured into filmmaking, which has been my ultimate dream, where I’ve found new ways to tell stories.

My photography skills have definitely improved and I’m able to tell multiple stories through a single photo.

What was your most memorable moment with the team at R.AGE?
I attended the United Nations Malaysia Awards ceremony last year. To be part of this award winning team and to actually be able to contribute to their efforts, to do good, tell good stories and change the world, it gave me hope about my future in the media industry.

I never thought that working at R.AGE could be so impactful.

Why do you think it’s important for young people to learn the skills of a good journalist?

A good journalist is never satisfied with what they have. They just keep digging until they find the truth.

They fight for it by scrutinising facts and risking their lives. Not being satisfied with what you have is how you succeed.

Fighting for what you believe in is how you survive. Scrutinising information helps you find the truth from all the fake stuff that’s out there.

What advice can you give to young, aspiring teens who are considering to join BRATs?
I’d say “Why not?” BRATs is more than a typical holiday camp. It can change how you view the world, create long lasting friendships, serve as the first step to a future in journalism or it can just make you little bit more knowledgeable about the world than most of your peers.

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