Getting bored easily could be something that’s good, and bad. I love doing a lot of things and trying new things. At the same time, when I get through trying something, I get bored and move on to something else. This is basically where I got my interest in so many things, which includes photography, video production, sports, music and rock climbing.

Although I do lots of things, I am far from being professional in them. To be good at something, a lot of commitment is needed. Doing a lot means spreading out the time and commitment of each activity, which, in the end, does not give enough training for a particular activity and it becomes underdeveloped.
Anyway, why do I call myself a Jack of all trades and master of some? This is because I think I’m considerably good at some of my interests such as photography and video production, which explains my position in the BRATs committee as the executive producer.

For me, being a Jack of all trades is an advantage in itself. Given the many kinds of activities that we have to record and produce under a newspaper company, it’s indeed essential to have the relevant experience as we know what the viewers expect to see.

With better understanding of the subject our content will have more depth. For example, while recording a concert, オンライン カジノ we know when we have to change scenes by the feel of the music itself instead of random transitions, this step enhances the viewing of the video.

Coming back to “doing many things and not being good at them”, I beg to differ. Why? Because I do know people are good at the many things they do. They inspire me.

Looking back at my past, especially during childhood, I wasted much of my time playing computer games and staying at home. Being a student in Cognitive Science at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), I learnt that childhood is an essential part of learning, and I wasted it.

I am not even a professional computer gamer. But if I were to actually take up all the activities listed above when I was much younger, I would be so much better at them now.

Having said that, however, it’s never too late to take up something. People complain that they are inexperienced, can’t do this and that, or they haven’t learned a particular thing.
But it will be worse if you know that you haven’t tried and still don’t try.

To youths out there wishing to gain experience and reach out to people, your university life marks the beginning of your independence.

Study well, be involved in as many activities as you want, keep learning and never give up trying to be a future leader.

The writer is a member of the BRATs editorial team. BRATs is a young journalist programme organised by R.AGE.

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