Our next BRATs camp: December 2018

BRATs 2018

BRATs is on a roll this year! We’ve already completed two camps, and now it’s time for our third and FINAL camp for the year!
BRATs Langkawi: March 21-24 (COMPLETED)
BRATs Kijal: August 18-21 (COMPLETED
BRATs Genting: December 19-22 ** slots filling up fast! **

The trainers will be from the award-winning R.AGE team, which bagged the 2016 World Young Reader Prize in Washington DC, and just picked up its SECOND consecutive Kajai award, the top journalism award in Malaysia!

They’ll show you guys everything you need to know to be a modern journalist – interviewing skills, video production, photography, social media, news value, etc.

Follow the instructions below to apply! Places are limited, so make sure you send us a killer application =)

How to sign up for BRATs

Download the forms

Click the link below to download a copy.

Produce an awesome essay or video

Show us how talented you are with an essay or video titled “Why I want to be a journalist” (max. 1,000 words / 5 minutes).

Email ’em to us!

Send a scanned copy of your forms AND your essay/video link to

Wait for the results!

We’ll announce the list of accepted applicants at least one month before each workshop. Good luck! =)

Some not-so-fine print:
– BRATs is open to Malaysians aged 16-19
– The fee for the camp is RM318

BRATs logo

What’s BRATs about?

Young journalist camps

We organise three young journalist camps a year, each in a different city, like the one in this picture. That’s BRATs Ipoh 2014, held in, er, Ipoh.

Journalism masterclasses

At the camps, you’ll be given a crash course in journalism by editors, journalists, photojournalists and videojournalists from The Star.

And you won’t just learn technical skills – you’ll also learn all the soft skills that make journalists tick. We’ll give you pro tips on how to:
– Speak confidently in front of a camera
– Conduct a good interview and ask the right questions
– Work under a tight deadline
– Think critically and objectively
– Dan lain-lain…

Awesome field assignments

After your crash course in journalism, you’ll be sent on exciting field assignments, which you’ll have to complete in teams.

So far, our BRATs field assignments have included hanging out with baby orang utans, bathing elephants in a sanctuary, trekking through Taman Negara, going on a 4-wheel-drive rainforest adventure, touring a 100m-high oil rig, going behind-the-scenes at Legoland Malaysia and so, so much more.

Basically, as a BRAT, you get to experience stuff that no one else gets to.

Get published!

At the end of the workshop, after all your field assignments, you are required to submit stories, photos and videos, which will be published in The Star – Malaysia’s most-read English newspaper!

Your work will be on the Star2 cover – just like the participants of BRATs Ipoh in the picture here!

Once a BRAT, always a BRAT!

That’s the BRATs motto! Once you complete a BRATs camp, you join our pool of BRATs teen journalists, or as we like to call it – the BRATs family =)

It’s the perfect programme for you to immerse yourself in the media industry. We’ll send out weekly assignments which you can volunteer to cover. They range from exciting events to celebrity interviews.

Check out the three BRATs in the picture here at an interview with Kyle Patrick from The Click Five! The BRATs have also interviewed Christina Perri, The Wanted, B.o.B, Greyson Chance, Teddy Sheringham, KARA, a few American Idol finalists and many more. One of the BRATs was even sent to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play in the FA Cup!

People we’ve interviewed…

  • Interviewing Kyle Patrick, lead vocalist for The Click Five.
  • With pop teen sensation Greyson Chance. He kinda looks like another one of the BRATs... =P
  • One of the most hilarious BRATs interviews we've done - it's British boyband The Wanted!
  • With up-and-coming Kpop star Eric Nam.
  • The gorgeous girls from Kpop group KARA. We had to do the interview through a translator, which was an interesting experience.
  • Not the best pic, but it was the only one we could get with Manchester United legend Teddy Sheringham!

What’re you waiting for?

Sign up for the BRATs today!

  • tamil selvan

    Wow! It’s here again! May i know when is the deadline to email my essay and my form?

    • Ian Yee

      Hey there! We’re only doing pre-registration at the moment, so there’s no deadline… yet. We’ll be doing a proper registration drive in January (for which we’ll announce a deadline), but we’ll give priority to all those who pre-register.

      But do send your application in early, because it’s first-come-first-serve. If you’re good enough, you immediately go on the list =)

      Happy holidays!

  • I wish this journalism group should extend more in the term of age requirements
    For an example ,16-23 – it gives chance for undergraduates to be in a part of the team .
    I wish to be in but my age is not in the needed requirement .That’s all – thank you ! πŸ™‚

    • Ian Yee

      We’ve been thinking about doing something for undergrads next year, so do look out for that! =)

      But for BRATs, we feel the age requirement is really important because we want participants to get the best possible learning experience. We’ve refined our workshops so that they cater to a very specific age group.

      Anyhow, we are very seriously looking into the possibility of starting a separate programme — based on our experience running BRATs — that caters specifically to college/uni students. Wish us luck! =)

      • OH PLEASE DO THAT! I have been following this program since I was eligible for it. Now when i finally have the time, the money and the green light from my parents, I’m already 19 and passed the dateline to register. Condolences to myself. TT


    what is the AGE requirement ?

    • Ian Yee

      The BRATs programme is open to all 16 to 19-year-old Malaysians =)

  • Dania

    Hello, I was just wondering, if I submitted my application now, would I still be eligible for the March camp, seeing it already the 22nd of January? Also, what is the word limit for the essay? Thanks in advance.

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Dania! Yes, you would be eligible for the March camp =)

      • Dania

        Hi Ian, thanks for getting back! May I know the word limit for the “why I want to be a journalist essay”? Thanks in advance.

        • Ian Yee

          No prob! The limit is 1,000 words. Thanks for bringing that up! We’ve added that into the instructions now =)

  • shahmina

    So what are the number of words and the rules for the essay and what if my t shirt size isnt on the registration form? Cause XL wont do :/

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Shahmina!

      1) The essay has to be below 1,000 words. And there are no real “rules”. You just have to come up with an essay that really blows us away, and not just in terms of the quality of your writing. We wanna read a good, compelling story on why you wanna be a journalist =)

      2) Could you include a short note on your T-shirt size when you email us your application form? We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

      Hope that answers your questions! Looking forward to receiving your application.

  • James

    Hi. Is it possible for the participant to choose which camp he/she goes to?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes you can! It’s completely up to you =) But if the workshop you picked is full, we will automatically make you eligible for the other two.

  • tamil selvan

    Hi. I would like to know if i email my essay within this month (january) will i be still selected for the camp? Thank you.

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, you could still be selected if you applied this month =)

  • so this is a programme only for age of 16 – 19-year-old? If older than the age range will be disqualified?

    • Ian Yee

      Unfortunately, yes. Sorry =(

  • Teddy

    How many spots are there up for grabs? o.O

    • Ian Yee

      We have 40 spots up for grabs for the upcoming camp. We can’t confirm the other camps this year at the moment, so your best bet is to sign up for BRATs Raub ASAP =)

  • izati

    hello i would like to know in one year how many workshop do you have and if that person has entered the workshop before can that person become the fasilitator for the next workshop if they are above 19

    • Ian Yee

      We usually have three workshops a year, but we can’t confirm the other two workshops yet. All we have confirmed so far is the upcoming in Raub (March 18-21).

      And yes, we always bring three “senior” BRATs (no age limit) to all our camps.

  • David

    Hi,What is the minimum age to join BRATs?

    • Ian Yee

      Hi David, the age limit is 16-19 =)

  • Izzah Hazim

    If I send my application now, can I choose to go to another workshop besides the one in March?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes you can! However, we haven’t confirmed the venues for the next two workshops this year. Only BRATs Raub is confirmed at the moment.

  • Amiraa

    Hi. I was hoping to join this programmme. But I couldn’t make it for the March session. Are there any other workshops in the future? Thank you.

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, we do plan to organise two other camps this year, but we can’t confirm the venue for either one just yet.

  • Ann

    I’m currently doing my matriculation which will end in late April. Should i sign up now for the second camp or will there be a separate registration for that?

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Ann, you may pre-register for the second camp now. Just specify in your email that you are applying for the July camp =)

  • Ann

    Will I be selected if I send in my application in February?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, you will be! Deadline for the Raub camp, however, is Feb 15. We will announce a separate deadline once the other two camp venues have been confirmed.

  • Jia Ying

    Hi there, will I still be eligible for the Raub camp if I submit my application in February?

    • Ian Yee

      Yup! Our deadline for the Raub camp is Feb 15 =)

  • Yeu-Gynn

    Hello, may I ask if there will be other camps? & if there are, do the application dates differ? thank you! πŸ™‚ Also, I read the comment about the possibilty of an underground programme πŸ™‚ All the best! πŸ™‚ I’ll be on the lookout for that one if I can’t make it this year πŸ™‚

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, we hope to organise two other camps this year, but we can’t confirm them at the moment. But if u apply now and specific if your email that u want to attend one of the later camps, we’ll definitely review your application again once everything is confirmed πŸ™‚

  • Eureka

    Nice site! Proud to be BRATs alum. πŸ™‚

    • Ian Yee

      Hey Eureka! Nice to hear from you again. Still studying overseas?

  • hi! is this open for Malaysians only? πŸ™ I would really like to join *SIGH*

    • BRATs

      Sorry, we’re afraid we can only accept Malaysian participants at the moment =(

  • Ying Yi

    Can I ask how do I submit the form? Can I do it by emailing the form and the essay together to the website?


    Does the essay and the form should be handwritten or printed?

    • Ian Yee

      We’re fine with both =) But we would prefer if you emailed it to us as a Word document.

  • Priangka

    I have a quick question. If at all i were accepted to the march camp and something came up and have to pull out, will i still be eligible for the the next camp or will i have to sign up again?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, you will be. You won’t have to apply again =)

  • Jae Kwan

    Hello, if my first essay doesn’t make the cut, can I try again?

    • Ian Yee

      Yeah, sure! You can apply again for the other workshops this year.

  • Salma

    Hello! I am super duperrr interested in this programme!! I just have one question: would transportation be provided or would the participants have to arrive on their own at the venue?

    • Ian Yee

      Unfortunately, we can’t cover transport to the venue. But once you get there, everything else is handled by us =)

  • qistina

    hi may i know where can i get the form? or can i just submit the essay via email?

    • Ian Yee

      You can download the form here –

      And yes, we’d prefer if the essay AND the forms were submitted via email.

  • minky

    Really want to take part in this program but may i know the program??? Just want to understand more about star brats program.

    • Ian Yee

      Sure! On Day One, we have a series of workshops (writing skills, interviewing skills, photojournalism, videojournalism, etc.) by journalists from The Star.

      On Day Two and Three, the participants take the skills they learnt on Day One and head out on field assignments. We haven’t confirmed all the field assignments for BRATs Raub yet, but one will be a trip to an elephant sanctuary.

      On Day Four, we review everyone’s work, and there’s usually a lot of selfies and sad goodbyes =P

      Hope that answers your question!

  • Jia Ying

    Hi there, I’ve sent in my application! I was wondering if you’ve received it?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes we have! Thanks for your application. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve selected the final participants.

  • Eileen

    I have just emailed my registration forms and application essay in pdf files, but my mother and I used digital signatures. Are digital signatures accepted for registration? Or should I print out the forms and fill in the signatures by hand and then scan to re-send it?

    • Ian Yee

      It’s fine, we’re processing your application right now. Cheers!

  • Sally L

    Can I use an IC-sized picture for the application form? I’m afraid I ran out of passport-sized ones.

    Thanks! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Ian Yee

      Yup, that’s perfectly fine =)

  • Is it too late to apply now?Do you consider application on a first come first serve basis or is it based on the strength of the essay itself?I really want to join this camp because this is the only camp that I am able to join this year.

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Felicia, we select participants on the strength of their essays =)


    will the essay that we are supposed to send out differ for the other workshops later in this year?

    • Ian Yee

      Nope! In fact, if you send in your application + essay now, we’ll consider it for the other two workshops. All you have to do is specify in your email that you want to attend the other two.

  • Is it ok if my essay is a few hundred words above the limit?

    • Ian Yee

      Not really, but we do prefer the essays to be concise, because that’s the style of writing we’ll require.

  • ariff

    If my english is not good enough it’s okay ?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, it’s okay =) You can always be a journalist in a different language! Having said that, we’re from an English newspaper, so we do take that into account.

  • EGYY

    Hello, will you inform us even if we don’t get selected?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes we will =)

  • Felicia

    May I know is it too late for me to send in my application yesterday? Have you guys received my application for BRATS Raub yesterday?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, we have received your application =)

  • Shen

    Can I submit my essay after the deadline, because i just heard about the program today and was interested in it, thanks.

    • Ian Yee

      You’re not alone – we have received several similar messages/emails. Please send your application in ASAP, and we will make a decision on extending the deadline soon.

  • Cheng yew

    Hi there I really want to join brats but I submitted a late application because I am busy with sport.. What happens if I don’t get picked for the March camp. Can my entry still apply for the other camps?

    • Ian Yee

      Yes, you will be considered for all three camps this year if your application is approved. Please send it in as soon as possible =)

      • Cheng yew

        Thank you very much :). One last question, how will we know if we got picked? Though email or this website? Thanks again in advance

        • Ian Yee

          We’ll email you, call you and post the final list on the website =P

  • EGYY

    Hi, again. Have you guys informed all 40 of the shortlisted participants? πŸ™‚

    • Ian Yee

      We’ve started contacting some of them, but we still have quite a lot of empty slots. Sit tight! We’ll release the final list very soon =)

    • Ian Yee

      We’ve started contacting some of them, but don’t worry – there are still a lot of empty slots. Sit tight! We’ll release the final list real soon =)

  • Dhaveenya

    Hello there πŸ™‚ May I know how the applicants would be informed if they’ve been selected for the workshop?

    • Ian Yee

      We will email everyone who applied, and call those who were selected =)


    • Ian Yee

      We are so sorry, but we’ve already extended the deadline once and it would be unfair for the early applicants if we extended it again =( Perhaps you could send your forms and essay in, and we’ll consider it an early application for BRATs 2016?

  • hello! I just saw this and I was really interested but then I saw the closing date and realised that it’s already passed the due date. so do I just send in my essay or do I have to wait for when it’s open to apply again?

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Nicole, sorry but you’ll have to wait for our next call for applications. Don’t worry, we have three workshops every year (sometimes more!). So just watch this space here, or follow BRATs on Facebook ( and Twitter ( All the best!

  • Qistina

    Hello I’ve already submitted my application before the deadline but I haven’t received any notice about whether I’ve been shortlisted or not. I’m afraid my email wasn’t successfully sent. Did you guys receive my application?

  • Hermione Leong

    Hi, I was really interested in this camp but I have already missed the closing date. May I know the date for the next camp? I read that there were supposed to be three camps in a year.

    • BRATs

      We do not have exact dates yet, but they will be in June and Sept. We have not officially started registration for those camps, but feel free to drop us an application (indicating which workshop you would like to attend), and we’ll review it when the time comes =)

  • yen ching

    Hello! I just wanna confirm if I send the payment to the same brats email? πŸ™‚ I actually sent it already but I just want to know for sure heh

    • BRATs

      Correct! =)

  • alpravinta

    Hey there Ian ! πŸ™‚ I’d just like to know when will the shortlisted names for the March 2015 camp be revealed ? and how do I review the shortlisted names ? thank you !

  • Paige

    Will you guys email those who have been selected and when would the calls be coming in?

    • BRATs

      Hi Paige, all the applicants should have been contacted by now. If you did not receive an email or phone call, please email us at and we will look into it.

  • tamil selvan

    Hi. Thanks for selecting me for the camp. I can attend the june camp. I’m just wondering if you guys have received my email. Thanks.

  • LS

    Hi, i just heard about this camp today! Are we still eligible in registering for the other two camps this year?

    • BRATs

      Yup! We haven’t confirmed the venues yet, but feel free to send us a pre-application, and we will review it once we have confirmed everything =)

  • WannabeBrat

    Hey there,

    I got an email saying that I wasn’t picked for the Raub camp πŸ™ but would be eligible for the June camp. I replied the email, but I haven’t gotten any response at all. Can you guys keep me updated? Thanks!

    • BRATs

      Hey there! Sorry, we don’t have any updates at the moment, so we decided not to reply just yet to avoid spamming everyone. We will definitely inform you as soon as we have more details. We just finished our BRATs Raub camp a few days ago (yes, it was AWESOME!) so we’ll get right on it this week =)

  • Lee Suen

    are we still eligible to sign up for the other 2 camps in 2015? πŸ™‚

    • BRATs

      Yup! You can send in a pre-application (just like a normal application), and once we confirm all the details, we’ll review your application =)

  • Bel

    Hey can I know is it still okay if i submit my essay as the deadline is on February? Would I still be accepted? ‘Cause I’m really interested. Thanks.

    • Ian Yee

      Hi Bel, you can still apply for the June and Sept workshops, though the dates have not been confirmed. Just a heads-up, though: the June workshop is pretty full already.

  • Eugene

    Hi, just wanna know, for those who didn’t get chosen, is it because their essay wasn’t good enough or there’s not enough empty slots? πŸ™‚

    • Ian Yee

      If we’re being completely honest…. There weren’t enough slots =) We receive a whole lot of AMAZING essays every year, so we have to pick the best of the best.

      The main tie-breaker for us is the applicants’ passion for journalism. So, if we had two essays that were both equally amazing, we’d go with the applicant that demonstrated a real motivation to be a journalist. Sometimes it’s evident in their essay, other times it’s because they were involved in school editorial boards, or had contributed articles to other publications. It really depends.

      Hope that answers your question! =)

  • MD

    Hi there! Just wanted to ask whether I will receive a phone call if I’ve already gotten the acceptance email for the June Camp? πŸ˜› Plus, when will we know the venue? Too hyped up for this. πŸ˜€

    • Ian Yee

      Hey MD, so sorry but we’re really trying our best to confirm everything. We should have a venue within the next couple of weeks. So sorry for the delay! And yes, we will definitely call you then =)

  • JoeyWee

    When should I submit my payment?

  • Please x100 if I’m really passionate about this, can I join even though I’m 14? Go check out my blog for any of my recent portfolios etc. Once again, I’m really passionate about this!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Hi there! I would just like to know, is it too late to apply for the Brats Johor Camp or can I still send in my application now? Thanks!

  • mei

    Just wondering whether the September camp is still on? I was accepted but… I haven’t received any news yet… ?

  • Sarm

    When and where is the camp in 2016?
    When should I register myself?

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey Sarm, we’re still in the midst of planning the 2016 camps but you can definitely register now. Go to for the forms. Thanks!

  • Hey there! I applied for the BRATS Raub Camp last February but I pulled out due to personal reasons. Do I need to send another application if I want to join a camp next year? Also I hope BRATS consider to have a camp in Sabah in the near future. There are many things to explore here from the historic landmarks to the amazing environments of the rainforest. I Hope you all would consider coming!

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey Trevor! You don’t have to resubmit your essay. All you have to do is inform us which camp you’re interested to join.
      And thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely consider! πŸ™‚

  • Hi there! I’m intending to sing up for the BRATs 2016 programme,but the available application form is for the 2015 workshops.Do i just download the form or do i have to wait for an updated one?

    • R.AGE

      Hi Junebug! We’re so sorry about that. We’ll rectify that ASAP. In the meantime, you can send your application to us using the 2015 form. Cheers! =)

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey Junebug, the new forms are up! You can find them at πŸ™‚

  • Alya Sabrina

    Hi there. I’m wondering about the camps that are being held this year? I’m very interested to join but the registration form is for 2015 . Do I just use that form or wait for the new one to come out? Thanks x ?

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey Alya, the forms have been updated so you can download them now from πŸ™‚

  • SHA

    hey guys, i was just wondering when the next camp will be held? the registration form states that it’s for 2015, do i just fill up that form or will there be a new form up soon? oh and, will there be any exceptions if lets say, a 15 year old wanted to join? please reply soon, thanks :-))))

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey there! Our next camp is scheduled for June 2016, during the school holidays. And the forms have been updated so feel free to download it at As for the age limit, I’m sorry but the camp is for students aged 16-19. Hope this helps!

  • Isaac Lui Chung Howe

    Hi guys, my friends and I are interested to join the Brats programme for 2016 but the form states that it is for the 2015 programme. Do you have the form for 2016? If so, how do you register for the programme? Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

    • Vivienne Wong

      Hey Isaac, we’ve updated the forms so feel free to download it from Our apologies for the delay and thanks for your interest in our programme!

  • Ainin Ilyana

    Helloo, can I know the exact date for the camp? Because I would love to join it if it’s before the fasting time. πŸ™‚

    • R.AGE

      Hey Ainin, we’re still in the midst of planning the 2016 camps but you can definitely register now. Go to for the forms. Thanks!

  • Felicia Ho

    Hello, I have actually sent in my essay and was accepted into the BRATS Raub camp but was unable to attend it, this upcoming camp in June 3rd to 6th clashes with my A- level exams as well πŸ™ may I know when will the next BRATS camp be please? I know there are three camps per year so it will most probably be around August, am I right?

    • Hey there! We haven’t decided on the dates for the upcoming camp yet, but we’ll announce it as soon as we do so stay tuned!

  • Felicia Ho

    hello, may I know when is the next camp please? I would like to sign up for it. I have been accepted in the BRATs program and I am looking forward to my first BRATS camp.

  • Li Ling Liew

    Hi there, is it the fees pay after the results release?

  • Daniel Kam

    How formal must the essay be (can we use contractions or incomplete sentences)? Any minimum word count?

    • It can be formal or informal. It’s totally up to you! We appreciate all styles or writing – it’s the substance that matters πŸ˜‰

  • dhirah

    i want to ask.. do we still be able to get the certificate of participating this programme even though we are not selected to the camps?

    • Unfortunately, no. You have to complete your training at one of the camps before you can officially become part of the BRATs programme.

  • Hi Monisha! We will send payment information to all the successful applicants, but basically, you will have to send us a cheque via post. Or you could also drop it off at our office at Menara Star, Section 16, Petaling Jaya =)

  • Deadline is Feb 17 =)

  • Amanda Ng

    Oh wow, its back! My friend and I signed up for the march intake this year, but we would like to know the venue where the camp will be held.

    • Hi Amanda, the upcoming BRATS camp will be at Genting Highlands. For further details, check out our BRATS Facebook page πŸ™‚

  • Monisha John

    Hey, I’ve sent my application form and essay to you via the mail. Just wondering if you’ve gotten it. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Monisha,

      We’re received your application and essay πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  • Jayasri

    Is RM 318 include the hotel and food money??

  • Daniel Kam

    When exactly is the deadline for the June camp? I’ve been looking through the website but I can’t find any.

  • arresh sidhu

    I am really intrested to join, but can i have the PDF format of the application forms?

  • C.L

    Hello! Was just wondering whether it is still possible to sign up for the August camp or has the deadline passed? I’ve been looking through Facebook but the last post about applications were in February. Did that deadline also apply for the June and August camp?

  • Desiree Alicia Edmund

    i have tried to submit my application but the email seems to be invalid

  • M. Ali

    Hi. May I please know the deadline to submit applications for the August camp? Thanks.

  • Shayleene

    Hi, its the 2nd of Aug now and I think I wouldnt be able to participate in the upcoming camp in August but would I be eligible to do so next January? When do I send in my details and forms then?

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