What does a cash-strapped card flipper do when he wants most bang from his hard-earned buck?


Why, shop online of course! Let’s face it, whether it’s Magic: the Gathering or the World of Warcraft TCG, the random distribution of cards mean that it’s the best and worst thing, at the same time.


You might buy a box of booster packs, and still be short of quite a few rares, and occasionally, even uncommons.


There’s trading and all that, but what happens when everyone wants the same epic Monster / mythic Planeswalker?


Well, this is where web stores such as and come in. Auction websites such as eBay can be handy as well, but sometimes, you just want to buy the cards straight, rather than wait for auctions to end.


I used to rely on a lot when I played Magic and WoW actively a year ago. The Hong Kong-based web store ships pretty fast, with a pricing that is okay – not too cheap, but not exorbitant.


Best part is, they sure save me the hassle of ploughing through box after box for particular rare or epic cards!


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