It has been quite an exciting week on the technology front. This week, we check out some of the more interesting events from the past week.

Craiglist censored
Popular web-based free online classified service Craiglist made the news when it plastered a black bar with the word ”Censored” over its usual link to its ”Adult Services” section a few days ago. The section has been controversial since it was first introduced a year ago as ”Erotic Services” but even a rebranding to ”Adult Services” did not keep the critics away.

Now, it has been removed from all its US pages (the service extends worldwide) but the ”Censored” bar suggests that Craiglist might have been forced to remove it under pressure. Social media site Mashable conducted a poll asking ”Should Craiglist be censored over adult ads?” to which an overwhelming 71% said no.

A day in your life
In July, YouTube joined forces with Hollywood director Ridley Scott (of Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and Alien fame) to compile videos from users based on the theme Life in a Day. The idea was to create a global user-generated film ”documenting a single day on Earth”.

In its launch announcement, YouTube promised that anyone whose footage is used in the final cut (to be premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival) would be credited as co-director.

Well, the offical gallery featuring some of the over 80,000 videos received has been launched by YouTube. According to its blog, the review process is still ongoing and these new videos will be added to the collection as they go along. Log on to check out some of the videos.

Kanye says Sorry
After months of laying low following his stage-jacking of Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMA (Video Music Awards) last year, Kanye has taken to Twitter to make an apology. Not that he hasn’t previously – he’s said sorry to her on television and via his blog as well.

Still, from the barrage of tweets he sent out, it would appear that the musical genius has not yet gotten over the incident (or rather, people have not allowed him to move on).

Among the 70-odd tweets he sent out, Kanye spoke about being demonised by the media, getting a lesson in humility, about how he would have ran onstage when he saw Justin Timberlake lose awards to Dixie Chicks and even the song he’s written for Taylor.

His last one simply read: ”I’m sorry Taylor”.

An Apple a day
Not content with some very sleek computer devices and amazing consumer products, Apple is not delving into a new market – social media! Last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the new iTunes 10 which incorporates the new Ping, described as ”Facebook meets Twitter for music”.


Through Ping, you can now follow other people (like Twitter) and follow artists or friends to check out what they are listening to or creative (Facebook/Myspace anyone?).

Many people are considering this a great push in the era of crowdsourcing – discovering great music through other people. But others are wondering if the Net needs yet another social media network and wonders how it will hold its own against some of the existing giants.

Only time will tell.

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