YOU might have heard how epic the League of Legends (LoL) World Championships 2014 in Seoul, South Korea was – but it’s a completely different thing to have experienced it for yourself. It was amazing!

Here are some highlights from our experience at the Sangam World Cup Stadium last month:

1. We knew Worlds 2014 was gonna be big…



2. … but when we saw just how many people showed up, it blew our breath away!


3. An exhibition for the game? Like, seriously? 1


4. Peace! Please don’t kill us like we’re in-game. 3


5. The countdown begins!


6. Imagine Dragons performs Warriors, a song specifically written for LoL, at the opening ceremony – how cool is that?


7. The games are underway, and the games last for four hours. We won’t make you sit through it all (unless you want to – then, you can watch it here), so here are some of the most exciting bits from the four-game series.


8. Nightfall, but the crowd isn’t letting up one bit.



9. The players of Samsung White (SSW) have done it! They’re world champions! They beat Star Horn Royal Club in the final.


10. Finally, to wrap it all up, there was a mini-concert by Imagine Dragons. A great end to a remarkable Worlds! Bring on Worlds 2015!


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