The fourth Force Pack for Fantasy Flight GamesStar Wars Living Card Game is now available in the United States, and should be available in Malaysia pretty soon.


It still doesn’t have AT-ATs yet (that’s in the next expansion, The Battle of Hoth), but brace yourselves for Blizzard Force AT-STs, Black Sun pirates and more Jedi goodness!


I’ve just confirmed with Meeples Café that they will be getting their supply of this set, in several weeks time, while the other shops should follow suit, around the same time.


Head over to for a comprehensive look at one of the new Force Packs objective sets, while you can also browse the entire card list at their database.


Famed gaming aficionados Team Covenant have done up a pretty spiffy YouTube clip that tells us what they think of the set.


Like the Team Covenant and folks, I’m darned stoked about the new Jedi and Smugglers & Spies objective sets. The latter feels insane, while the former seems more subtle, yet somehow, impactful to current deck builds.


To be perfectly honest though, I’m still getting a feel of the first three Force Packs from the Hoth Cycle. Can’t wait to try these new babies!


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