IT IS actually really easy to introduce John Vesely, aka Secondhand Serenade. The American singer-songwriter burst into the entertainment industry via MySpace and is known as the man who writes songs for and about his beloved wife.

In fact, that is how the name Secondhand Serenade came about. John believes that since all of his songs are are serenades to his wife, what the rest of us get to listen is merely “secondhand”.

“What I write is based on my personal opinion. In my new album, however, the songs are more about figuring out myself, about self-exploration and the mistakes I’ve made; just breaking out creatively,” said John during a phone interview from California, the United States.

The man behind hit singles such as Fall For You and Maybe is back with his third studio album titled Hear Me Now, released last month, and is very excited about his latest musical endeavour.

“This album goes in a different path than my previous works. It sounds a little more dynamic, is faster and has some electronic elements in it,” said John.

Some of the songs in Hear Me Now includes Something More, Nightmares, World Turns and Reach For The Sky. It seems to be a big departure from his usual laidback style of music, but John is pretty sure that his fans will be able to relate to his new sound. The pop rock singer likes to switch things up with his singing style and isn’t afraid of charting new musical territories.

“The best thing about my job is that I have the freedom to express myself. I get to use my profession as a vehicle to do that, and I try to have a good time while achieving that,” he said.

The singer adds that performing for his fans has allowed him to grow as a singer and that he is more confident of himself and his performance now.

John Vesely, aka Secondhand Serenade, was a store assistant picking out clothes for other people before he got his big break on MySpace.

John Vesely, aka Secondhand Serenade, was a store assistant picking out clothes for other people before he got his big break on MySpace.

“I love performing in front of a huge crowd; I belong on stage,” said John, confidently. The singer, who used to work as a shop assistant picking out clothes for customers, has had huge success with his previous records, what with songs like A Twist In My Story certified as a platinum single on iTunes after selling more than one million copies online.

Although the Internet played a huge part in helping John gain popularity and eventually landing a record deal with a music label, he said that he tries not to dwell too much on it.

It seems as if John is not an artiste who likes to “Google” himself and he tries to avoid reading stuff written about him in the media. His reason for that? “You will never find great stuff if you do it.”

But don’t be quick to judge John saying that he’s only looking to hear good things about himself and his music because he is indeed open to criticism.

The catch is that he would only listen to it if it comes from the right people.

“I don’t mind taking criticism if it comes from someone I can trust. For someone who doesn’t know my music and didn’t do their homework to bash me, I can’t accept that. At least do some research before critising about one’s work,” said John, who cites himself as his own worst critic.

The singer continued that he is not affected much by his fame as he believes that people are more interested in his work than his personal life.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t use that as an excuse to appear sloppy in front of an audience or when out living his life.

“I believe that it is important to care for your personal appearance,” said John. But don’t expect him to pay more than US$20 for a haircut as he thinks only crazy people would do that.

A whole lot busier than he was three years ago, John is constantly working to come up with new song materials and touring across the US. He is planning to do an international tour soon as travelling is one thing John likes to do.

The singer also revealed that he pretty much doesn’t have time to lead a “normal” life.

“I don’t have time to relax. Doing work is how I relax. Actually, it’s listening to music. I listen to all kinds of music – from Muse to the Beach Boys,” he said.

The cover of Secondhand Serenade's latest album, Hear Me Now.

The cover of Secondhand Serenade's latest album, Hear Me Now.

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