Caught the previews to the upcoming new World of Warcraft TCG (trading card game) expansion set, Crown of Heavens yet?


Well, look no further than Cryptozoic’s very own website for spoiler overload! The set looks set to give us more new ways to play the awesome card game.


There’ll be monster heroes, new weapons, items and armor, more allies and definitely, more rocking epics and rares!


Those who’re heavily keen on WoW lore will recognize the many iconic names that are assuming new (and reborn) cardboard form. Malfurion Stormrage, Cenarius, Tyrande and Sylvanas are just some of the heavy-hitters heading our way in mere weeks.


Once again, Cryptozoic is maintaining, or I daresay, upping the ante not only in the card quality department, but also the artwork. Compared to the days when Upper Deck Entertainment had this franchise, the card imagery are stupendously gorgeous.


All I want to know is, is Hogger finally coming out in this set? I want my Gnoll token allies, now!


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