Magic: the Gathering fans are definitely abuzz over the latest expansion set now, Dark Ascension.


In fact, I daresay that this weekend will be an even more anticipated one, for the new cards, compared to last weekend’s prerelease events. This is simply because the packs are now available for sale in better game stores everywhere.


This weekend will also see Dark Ascension release events, which means more fun and casual tournaments for everyone!


IMHO, the week after the prerelease of a “smaller” expansion is optimal as gamers and fans finally get the chance to buy the new set in “full.” I say this because pre-release events bundle in the preceding “larger” expansion.


Yup, this means that if you bought any of the Dark Ascension pre-release “packs”, you would have ended up with Innistrad packs as well, which may likely be a poorer choice for you, especially if you’ve already busted your budget for that older set!


So, will you be playing this weekend?


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