It’s the holiday season once more, and I hope everyone’s all stocked up and set to catch up on some year-end gaming action!

The holidays so far has proven to be a mixed bag for yours truly. There’s a fair bit of gaming time to fill (yay) but unforeseen shipment delays means that I won’t be getting some spanking new games till Christmas Day itself (boo, hiss).


At least one game made it past the local freight forwarders just two days ago: the DC Comics Deck-Building Game (DBG) is in stock, and looks like Comics Corner has them in stock, phew!

A DBG is a non-collectible card game, with everything you need to play, contained in the box. Yeap, think of it as a card version of a boardgame. Players “level up” using the cards in the box, eventually building up their decks (hence the genre name) to be more competitive and hopefully, game-winning.


I am looking forward to taking this for a spin real soon, but why don’t you check out the various previews here and here, on Cryptozoic’s very own website. There’s also a fairly decent review by the Crits Happen site here  – weigh in and let me know what you guys think of the game!


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