I ENVY men sometimes. Most of them never seem to have problems dressing up – shirt, pants, shoes … done.

While I usually need to try on several outfits before getting just the right combination, my fiance gets ready in 10 minutes.

Yup, men have it easier than us women. However, just because guys take a shorter time to dress does not mean that their clothes aren’t super stylish.

In fact, menswear can be awesome … on women!

The trend of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is still going strong in Malaysia, so we’ve listed out a few choice items that you can try on.


Wear the pants

Put the skirts and dresses away for a while and go on a search for men’s trousers. They’re lose and comfortable, and will look great when paired with a flowy, feminine top and a thin belt. If you’re feeling daring, get a pair with pleats, but do bear in mind the hip-widening effect that pleats give.

Also, if you can’t find a pair in your size, then check out some high street brands in Malaysia that carry “boyfriend” pants or jeans, which are basically women’s pants that are styled according to men’s cuts.


Suit up

This is the easiest menswear trend that women can adopt – boyfriend jackets and blazers. They are everywhere these days and can be paired with just about anything.

Choose fitted blazers and wear them with tight dresses, feminine blouses or even just a pair of jeans and a white top. You can also play it safe by wearing neutral colours but to really stand out, go for more bright colours like electric blue or hot pink.


Flat feet

Probably the best thing about menswear is not having to bear the pain of teetering around in heels. These days it’s very fashionable for women to wear men-styled loafers, boots and oxfords (kind of like back in the 1980s).

I always prefer my shoes in one colour, but there are a lot of stores that sell oxfords in two colours that look great. Just remember to wear socks!



For shirts, you can actually raid your man’s closet – but be careful about the size, you don’t want to look like you’re completely drowning in his shirts.

Go for shirts with cuffs and wear them tucked in. Otherwise, you can leave it hanging over your pants, but roll up the sleeves and wear a wide belt around your waist.

You can actually look for men’s shirts in most women’s clothing store, and they usually come in many sizes.



Neckties, hats, bowties, vests – these are a few items you can throw on to your girly outfit for a little edge.

Fedora hats usually suit just about anyone, and if you can, find one that comes in neutral colours like beige or grey.

Vests come in all shapes and sizes, some tight ones to give the wearer shape, while others are loose and longer to complement tight tops.

As for neckties and bowties, well, you’re already stepping out of the mould by wearing them, might as well do whatever you like!

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