So, you have decided to go “Tarzan” and give the wilderness a try. But where do you start? What do you need to bring on this adventure and what should you do once you hit the trail?

Well, here are a few useful tips from adventurer Leong Dee Lu, 39 who has hiked Mount Rainier in Washinton, US and “canyoneered”, abseiled, rock climbed – name it and she’s done it – all around the world.

— For a start, go to places that have already been explored. It may be unsafe to venture into unfamiliar areas not suggested by reliable sources like your friends, travel websites or blogs.

— Do research on the place that you are going to, beforehand. It is essential to be well-informed on the terrains of the location. A guide is necessary if you are going on an unfamiliar track.

— It’s better to travel in a group. Accidents may occur and it is always safer to have someone to watch your back.

— Bring a light backpack containing a bottle of water, some light snacks such as energy bars and a working headlamp (with spare batteries) for emergency purposes.
— Wear covered shoes. Also, it is advisable to wear shoes that are specifically made for the terrain you’re exploring.


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