EVERYONE knows that Halloween is the one day of year when we can let go of our inhibitions, and dress as if we belong in Tokyo’s Harajuku district or in a mental institution.

Halloween is an awesome time to go crazy with clothes. Really, it is. You can just pick any outfit from your closet and create a wacky ensemble you wouldn’t dare wear on a ”normal” day. Nobody can say anything to you… it’s Halloween, after all.

While some people patiently wait for this once-a-year opportunity to dress up weird, there are others who live and dress as if every day is Halloween.

Helena: It takes a lot of work to look like this!

Helena: It takes a lot of work to look like this!

Take, for example, Helena Bonham Carter. Well, she hasn’t gained much sense in the fashion department since we last saw her on the red carpet (while promoting Alice In Wonderland). The Miss Bellatrix Lestrange of the previous three Harry Potter films is infamous for her lack of hmm … how shall I put this … fashion sense.

Some may argue that it takes a certain flair to be able to put together some of the outrageous outfits the talented actress is known for, but who are we kidding? She often looks like a harried bag lady who got dragged out of a rat hole. Yeah, call me mean and shallow but I’m just telling it as it is.

For someone who earns as much as she does, I’m pretty sure that she could afford a stylist or even a mirror. It’s true that some of the pictures on the Internet were taken when Helena was out and about running errands. I’m not saying that she should dress as if she’s giving an opening speech at the Academy Awards while buying groceries. But at the same time, people should be able to distinguish her from the homeless folks who might shop at the same store.

Also up for the look-like-a-homeless-person of the year award are twinsies Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who co-own a billion-dollar worth company that, wait for this, also sells awesome high-end clothes.

Mary-Kate: We love to dress in rags. Ashley: Yeah!

Mary-Kate: We love to dress in rags. Ashley: Yeah!

The girls own and design for their clothing lines such as The Row and Elizabeth And James and these are just some of the most sought after brands among celebrities. Yet, the girls have decided that it is only fair to the rest of the poor population to downplay their wealth, and dress in rags most of the time.

Now, this article on people dressing crazy cannot be complete without a mention on Ke$ha, you know that right? That girl is a piece of work, a hot mess, a lady in fashion distress and someone I wish I could just lock in a bathroom and not let out until she promises to take a shower. And once more after that.

It’s a wonder that no one offers Ke$ha any candies when she’s walking on the street in her ever-permanent Halloween costume. Seriously. When was the last time anyone had seen the Your Love Is My Drug singer in jeans and a T-shirt, with her hair combed back and her face not plastered with ridiculous amount of makeup? A day before never? Yeah, thought so.

Ke$ha: Watchu lookin' at?

Ke$ha: Watchu lookin' at?

Okay, fine. Since the world is all about accepting one’s individuality, I shall accept the fact that Ke$ha loves to look like a runaway circus freak. No offense there.

Ugh, this article would also be incomplete without mentioning Lady Gaga. If there is anyone in this world who dresses as if every single day is Halloween, it has to be this girl.

But seriously, is there even a purpose in pointing the obvious? The Poker Face and Bad Romance singer is the epitome of all things Halloween and how much do you want to bet that all parties this year will have its own version of Lady Gagas roaming around? Enough said.

Sharm says: What is the scariest thing I can dress up as? Ooh, Donatella Versace!

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