WE’RE back from yet another awesome BRATs workshop! Most of the R.AGE team was in Kuala Terengganu for four days last week facilitating the BRATs Kuala Terengganu 2013 workshop, and we had a great time working with the 40 participants.

In case you don’t know, BRATs, The Star’s long-running young journalist programme, is run by R.AGE. Every year, we run three journalism camps, and BRATs Kuala Terengganu was the second this year, after our equally awesome Johor Baru workshop in March.

On the first day of these workshops, the participants, who are selected from all over the country, are given a crash course in journalism by the R.AGE team. After that, we send them out on field assignments where they have to work together in groups to produce articles, photos and videos.

As usual, we have dedicated a few pages here for some of their best stories. Hope you enjoy reading them! They’re all about places of interest in Kuala Terengganu, so if you’re planning to visit some day, make sure you keep this issue as a guide!

The organisers


The facilitators of BRATs Kuala Terengganu 2013 were R.AGE journalists Ian Yee, Sharmila Nair and Christine Cheah; The Star photojournalist Sam Tham; SwitchUp.TV video journalists Yee Lisan and Maryam Kamilah Zainol; and “senior” BRATs Gregory Philip Pereira, Ho Xing-yi, Alia Amira Zuhdi and Surekha Gunasagaran.

All the articles, pictures and videos were produced by the BRATs Kuala Terengganu 2013 participants. They are:
1. Elesh Vengadesan-Lee
2. Janice Cheng
3. Jesslyn Tan
4. Lee Rui Ci
5. Lee Sher Zanne
6. Hanna Marissa
7. Nafis Naqiyudeen
8. Deborah Wong
9. Jonathan Phan
10. Darold Wong
11. Lee Yen Ni
12. Yong Hui Yie
13. Chow Qian Ying
14. Cassandra Yeoh
15. Faizatul Husna
16. Abirami Baskaran
17. Lim Chiao Hann
18. Marcus Leong
19. Jordan Matthews
20. Gan Wen Qi
21. Yeo Mi Xia
22. Shirlyn Eng
23. Chong Chin Wei
24. Carlos Dourado
25. Valentina Tan
26. Charissa Casandra
27. Wong Ai Jia
28. Reena Hoo
29. Teh Jun Qi
30. Deshanaa Gunasagaran
31. Elizabeth Wong
32. Tan Chia Yang
33. Kimberly Fung
34. Rachel Wong
35. Hemela Kanagarethinam
36. Lauretta Rayan
37. Nadiah Syahirah
38. Ann-Marie Khor
39. Neda Nejim

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