Magic: the Gathering (MTG) fans would have one heck of a weekend, with the dust settling over this weekend’s pre-release events, which were held to preview the latest expansion set, Rise of the Eldrazi (RotE).

In case you missed out, RotE is the last set in the Zendikar block, and spotlights on the ancient race of Eldrazi.

Leading the 248 new cards are the titular faction, which means that non-artifact, colorless cards make its first appearance.

All Is DustThe Eldrazi are huge – some as huge as 15/15, and expensive. If you’re fond of the plain vanilla, colored stuff, there’s heaps of them don’t worry.

And based on first impressions, they look mighty good as well.

Some MTG websites have started pointing the way in terms of the set’s top cards. has posted a speculative top Eldrazi cards here,  while has their selection here.

Expect more valuable input in terms of what’s hot, and what’s cool, in the latest MTG set as more players have their hands on the set once it releases worldwide, including here, on 23 April, 2010.

Gasp, that’s tomorrow — where did the time go?

Stay tuned as we bring you updates after then!

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