I gotta admit, when it comes to boardgames, I tend to veer towards the unabstract and more graphic type of titles. This easily explains my fascination with titles from Fantasy Flight Games: rulebooks are not the best-written, but the artwork and aesthetics usually freaking gorgeous!


Another thing I have noticed though, is their player number limitations across some of the more interesting titles. Horus Heresy and the reprint of Games Workshop’s Space Hulk are both two-player games, while Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game allows a max of four.


My little gaming group figured out simple tweaks to stretch the last game and allow up to six or even seven (though that didn’t happen too often, phew!), but it’s true, there are times when you wish a boardgame with a really cool theme would take in more than two or three players.


VA89-cardfan-char-03This was why my jaw kind of dropped when I read the announcement for Winter Tales. Up to seven players – that’s a monster one by FFG standards! Drawing upon elements from the fairy tales of yore, players try to craft “stories” and further the causes of either Winter (the bad guys) or Spring (the good folks).


I’m sold on the theme, the artwork and the clever but obvious selection of fairy tale characters. Alice, The Wolf, Pinocchio and The Mad Hatter lead an impressive lineup, in what looks like a very promising game.


Bring on the previews I say: Winter Tales is set for release during the year-end period. My wallet will be ready by then too!


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