The more Net-savvy Magic: the Gathering fans would have heard the big news late last night.

Mananation (you can also follow them on Twitter, @mananation) was among the dozens of players, tournament organizers and Magic fans who converged at the San Juan Pro Tour tournament.

The Archenemy decks were being showcased for the first time in the flesh (or the cardboard?) there. In case ya missed out, Archenemy is yet another fun new Magic format, out of which Wizards of the Coast is releasing a series of full-sized, 60-card decks to help players immerse themselves in this mode of play. (More on Archenemy here.)

And it’s confirmed, Magic 2011 (M11 in short), the next core / base expansion, will be “previewed” in Archenemy, as each of the four different decks there will contain one M11 card.

The cards can be found at, here. Wow, check out Chandra’s Outrage – it looks awesome!

By the way, has been unveiling a series of spoilers on M11 – check out the Arcana section here, if you have not.

Cards spoilers proper should be kicking in several weeks prior to the set’s July release. Let’s hope it’ll help us get over the underwhelming feeling given by the releases of Worldwake and Rise of Eldrazi!

2011 CSet_pack1

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