The lowdown on the Garena Cyber Games 2015

Missed out on all the action? Read up on what went down at GCG 2015 below.

Malaysian eSports scene is massive. They’re real, they’re growing, and they now draw audiences that rival traditional sporting events.

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Professional cosplayer Aza Miyuko talks about the pros and cons of her growing popularity. Crazy fans? Check. International fame? Check.

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The Garena Cyber Games 2015 may be over but you can catch the replays for TLC Singapore and Malaysia here.

Day 1 Results

Missed out on the action? Watch the replay below.

TLC Singapore League of Legends champion: Corvus
Runner up: Resonance



Champion: SGD15, 000
Runner-up: SGD7, 500

Day 2 Results

Missed out on the action? Catch the replay below.

TLC Malaysia League of Legends champion: KL Hunters
Runner up: Dulcet Essence



Champion: RM40, 000
Runner-up: RM20, 000

FIFA Online 3 Results

Malaysia’s first ever state vs. state competition

Champions: Perlis
1st runner-up: Penang A
2nd runner-up: Selangor A


Champions: RM10, 000
1st runner-up: RM5, 000
2nd runner-up: RM2, 400

Alliance of Valiant Arms Results

A.V.A Premier Cup

Champion: Allegiance
1st runner-up: MYOLO
2nd runner-up (tied): Kls and Grandiose

Champion: RM30, 000
1st runner-up: RM15, 000
2nd runner-up: RM7, 500

R.AGE x Garena Cyber Games

We join forces with Garena to help take Malaysian eSports to the next level.

Over the years, we here at R.AGE have done plenty of stories on young gamers, but no matter how talented they were, they never seemed to get the support and recognition they deserved.

So when gaming platform Garena approached us this year to work with them on the Garena Cyber Games, it was a no brainer.

Taking place on Dec 19-20, the event will be one of the biggest gaming tournaments in the country, and we’ll be your official guide to all the action.

We’ll have a livestream of the three major championships – League of Legends, FIFA Online 3 and Alliance of Valiant Arms – and we’ll also be posting behind-the-scenes content throughout the event.

Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

Keeping up with KLH

Champions aren’t born, they’re made. We follow LoL team KL Hunters for a day to see how they became the 2014 and now, the 2015 champions.

Live on social media

We give you a taste of what’s happening at Garena Cyber Games 2015

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