RECENT trends have been all about edgy and sleek looks, as well as light and feminine.

Sharp edges, symmetry and military-inspired elements dominated one end of the fashion spectrum, while lace embroidery as well as floral and earthy themes took over the other.

It almost seemed like it was either one or the other, like you couldn’t be girly and edgy at the same time.

It seems fashion is loosening its grip on some of its rules, and designers are taking their creativity to the next level by merging trends and coming up with heaps of exciting creations.

Of late, tassles, cutaway patterns and essentially a more ‘rustic’ look have been creeping onto runways, into stores and on the pages of blogs and magazines.

And while the boho chic trend faded into the background for a while, there are signs that its set to make a comeback in a big way.

If you thought tassles and fringe were only for country stars, cowboys and goat farmers, and that beads, ribbons and feathers were only for hippies, check out the following for a renewed outlook on what fashion has in store for us.

Throw it in the mix

These days you can never have too many accessories. Wearing chunky accessories like those from local accessories label Minz will probably get you a few compliments.

Chunky accessories from Minz

Chunky accessories from Minz

Wear your beads, ribbons, pearls and tassles with a plain top and skirt or jeans, so as not to look too gaudy.

Head to, a fashion site which carries stuff by numerous local labels, to look for ideas and cool accessories.

Get tanned

The summer season is almost near so it is no surprise that shades of tan are popping up everywhere these days. But what works best in this colour is shoes. From boots to sandals to heels, just about any outfit pairs well with footwear in tan.

Go tan

Go tan

If you’re more adventurous, try a fringed-poncho or cute vest in the same hue, like what these models from the Miss Selfridge Spring Summer 2011 collection are wearing.

Hippie style

Tassles, tribal print and weaved patterns on clothes, shoes and bags may turn your thoughts to the 1970s flower child era, but the trend has made its way back.

water bottle holder?

water bottle holder?

A colourful sling bag complete with tassles may have previously only qualified as a water-bottle carrier, but it also gives the wearer a refreshing minimalist and carefree image.

Mother Earth

Combine earthy colours and Native American tribal elements with something soft and flowy. The result is a rocked-out look that would flatter any shape. Add some chunky accessories for a totally awesome and chic ensemble.

Miss Unkon: Navajo Girls collection

Miss Unkon: Navajo Girls collection

Want to win this black fringe bag from Miss Selfridge? Check out our contest here.

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