I have had it with chick flicks! Last night I grabbed my girls and headed to One Utama to catch ‘You Again’ (the trailer looked good) starring Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver.

When my boyfriend’s not around, I like to have a little girly time but I think maybe next round, we should watch a mindless, violent, dialogueless action movie because chick flicks are

Basically Kristen Bell’s character’s brother is marrying the girl that made her life hell in high school but the girl pretends she can’t remember Kristen (she called her MOO in high school thanks to her unfortunate initials) which totally aggravates her and sends this recently promoted to ‘VP of a PR firm’ former high school loser into a mad rage! (Come on, if you were VP of anything wouldn’t high school be the LAST thing on your mind?)

And so a lot of bitching, catfighting and conniving happens in the film, on the part of Kristen Bell, the high school bitch (a gorgeous Odette Yustman) and her mother, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who (get this) ALSO reconnects with someone from her high school, which happens to be the aunt of her son’s fiance.

What is it with chick flicks these days? Why are women being portrayed as hysterical, conniving, neurotic, self-centered and shallow creatures who scream, cry, and fall into anthills during a 5-mile run (because they wanted to impress a guy? Really? (oops spoiler alert, no, I totally didn’t see that coming when I watched the film))

It’s troubling to think that young girls who watch these films (and they are rated ‘U’, and contain ‘nilai-nilai murni’ (moral values)  no less) will think that ‘Hey, its ok for me to act like a total idiot’ and for guys to go ‘wow, are ALL women like that? Psy-cho!’ Because its true, life does imitate art.

The same goes for films like ‘The Proposal’, ‘Bride Wars’, ’27 dresses’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘Killers’ (waitaminute-anything with Katherine Heigl as the female lead except ‘Knocked Up’) ‘He’s just not that into You’ (an awful awful film) ‘Valentine’s Day’ and so many more chick flicks. I could list all the things that were wrong with these films but I don’t have 25 years so I’ll just let you decide should you be on a long-haul flight with nothing to watch but

a) any of the above films or

b) the Teletubbies

Oh.. let’s not forget ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ – not only was Isla Fisher’s character a blubbering idiot with a shopping problem (the female stereotypes: just keep ’em coming), she was such a self-obsessed whiner I wonder why her best friend put up with her.

I wanted to stab her with her stilettos

I wanted to stab her with her stilettos

I just want to watch a nice girly film once in a while  – some good examples include:

– Letters To Juliet

– Anything with Julia Roberts as the female lead – she seems the only American Sweetheart that doesn’t annoy on the big screen. (except Eat Pray Love)

– Enchanted (Amy Adams is a darling!)

– The Notebook

– 500 Days of Summer (or anything with Zooey Deschanel in it)

– 50 First Dates (It makes me cry every time)

I’m not the only one who didn’t think much of ‘You Again’. Here’s Roger Ebert’s review, the Eonline review and the NYtimes review.

The next time girls night rolls around, point me in the direction of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie – yes, many of the women in these flicks are objects, but at least they’re not objects of ridicule.

*Of course, this is only my opinion. Do you agree with me? Do you like chick flicks? What are some of your favourites?

Tell us what you think!

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