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He put a ring on it

You guys must have heard the news already – Brad Pitt asked his baby mama Angelina Jolie to marry him and she said a big, fat yes! *cue angels singing*

Well, it’s not that there is any need for the couple to officially tie the knot, they have been together for over six years (that’s about 650 light years in Hollywood terms), and seem to have a pretty strong relationship going on.

Brad and Angie once declared that they would only get hitched when there’s marriage equality for everyone in the world, but obviously they’ve succumbed to their brood’s requests of making it official.

Angie said to Extra in February, “They figured out what marriage is now, they’re old enough so now they kind of like the idea of it.
“But we’re still convinced that half of them just want to party. They’ve heard there’s good cake.”

Sharm says: How do I score an invitation to this wedding? Anyone needs a kidney? An eye perhaps?


No Twitter for Minaj

Nicki Minaj is an angry woman these days. So angry that she terminated her Twitter account and left her 11 million followers hanging. The drama started when a fan site posted tracks from her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Nicki got wind of it.

She was extremely angry and then tweeted up a storm, starting with: “And that’s exactly why I’m paying the barbz DUST right now!” (FYI, Barbz is what she calls her fans.)

She returned to Twitter on Sunday to proclaim that she’s looking for a new set of followers. She said: “On second thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet. *side eyes them* *looks into the sea for more.”

Sharm says: Nicki had 11 million followers? What’s wrong with people nowadays?


Jail scare

The royal sister-in-law – commonly known as Pippa Middleton – found herself in trouble after a passenger in the car she was riding in waved a gun at a photographer in Paris last weekend.

Pippa was in the City of Love for a costume party with her buddy Arthur De Soultrait, who was also seen in the car with the lot.

They were photographed smiling as one of their friends pointed the gun at a French paparazzo who was taking photos of them. The Sun obtained the said photograph, and of course, it is now available for all to see on the Internet.

While it’s still unclear whether the gun was real, Pippa and her buddies could face jail time – for seven years maximum if the gun turns out to be real, or two years if it’s fake – for the offence. Yikes.

Sharm says: Dear Pippa and friends, use cameras, not guns, to shoot back at the pesky paparazzi.


It’s Kelso and Jackie!

Ashton Kutcher is moving on from his divorce from Demi Moore, and if pictures on the Internet are to be believed, he’s getting real cosy with former castmate Mila Kunis.

The pair, who worked together on the hit TV series That 70’s Show, were seen having dinner together and were spotted being all cuddly and lovey-dovey. The couple do seem to share great chemistry together.

They were adorable on that TV series and many say that they make a cute couple in real life as well.

Mila has not been in a steady relationship since splitting up with her boyfriend of eight years, Macaulay Culkin (yup, that kid from Home Alone).

Sharm says: Can’t get over the fact that Mila dated Macaulay. For eight years.

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