Sorry if those eyes creep you out, but guessing the right owners will win you a pair of movie passes.

Just tell me the EIGHT celebs whose gorgeous pairs of eyes are featured in the collage above.

I’m gonna give just one clue: They have all acted in movies before. Whether they’re talented or not, that’s a different question.

And to make it a little bit more interesting, just tell me which celebrity has the best pair of eyes (you know, the kind that looks directly into your soul or something like that) and why you like them.

Yup, that’s all. Eight names, fav eyes (who/why) and you’ll stand a chance to win movie passes courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).

Closing date: Jan 23, 2009 (Saturday). Enter as many times as you want, don’t spam and be good…=)

Good luck and peace out.

This contest is officially over. Thank you for participating. Winners will be contacted through email.

Anyway, the correct answers are: Jennifer Garner, Mary-Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Halle Berry.



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