Guess who they have found to play Mr. Schue’s love interest in the hit TV series Glee? Why, Gwyneth Paltrow of course.

News has it that Gwyneth will play a subsitute teacher, who takes over the Glee club after Mr. Schue falls terribly ill.

Gwyn on glee!

Gwyn on glee!

The kids all eventually fall in love with her and guess what…so does Mr. Schue. What will happen to Emma then?

Can’t wait to find out how this episode goes down and if Gwyneth will be given a recurring role…

What do you think of Gwyn as Mr. Schue’s partner?

Sharm says: Well…I”m not a huge Gwyn fan..but I don’t mind giving her a chance.

Stronger marriage

Remember Balthazar Getty, that guy from Brothers & Sisters who had an affair with Sienna Miller (who is now back with her ex-BF Jude Law…who cheated on her with their nanny).

Well, guess what? Balthazar is back with his wife and apparently, the affair had done nothing but make their marriage stronger. Wow…giving ideas to guys out there, huh?

Balthazar in a scene from Brothers & Sisters

Balthazar in a scene from Brothers & Sisters

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Balthazar and his wife opened up about the affair and how life has been since then.

His wife, Rosetta said the decision was made for the sake of their four young children and “I’m going to have to explain this to my daughters one day.” “I chose not to act from ego because I just felt that it would be too crushing for my children.”

Sharm says: Hmm…let’s hope he doesn’t repeat his mistake and that Rosetta didn’t fool herself over this one.

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