IF you happen to be around Jonker Street in Malacca this week and you see a bunch of eager teen journalists toting cameras, notepads and microphones, don’t be alarmed. It’s just us BRATs!

Our BRATs Malacca 2014 camp will be taking place at the gorgeous QuaySide Hotel from Sept 17-20, during which our latest batch of BRATs young journalists will be all over Jonker Street looking for stories, photos and videos that we’re gonna publish right here in The Star.

Showing the BRATs how it’s done will be a team of journalists from The Star, who will teach them all they need to know about writing, interviewing, photojournalism, videojournalism and so much more.

After the camp is done, they’ll officially become BRATs journalists and get to write for us as paid contributors, right here in The Star (just like Ann-Marie Khor at the top of this page)!

So follow our new BRATs’ journey in Malacca! They’ll be posting live updates on Twitter and Instagram (both using the handle @starbrats).

* To join the BRATs programme, go to, and check out the ‘About’ section; or you could email us at


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