R.AGE is expanding! We’re looking for talented young people to join our team of ever-so-slightly insane journalists.

Life at R.AGE involves meeting interesting people, trying amazing new experiences, telling remarkable stories, copious amounts of coffee, never-ending deadlines, and working with REALLY NICE COLLEAGUES (that’s us!).

But more important, what we’ve always tried to do is create fresh, dynamic news content which young people can relate to; and to provide a platform where the voice of young Malaysians can be heard.

Interested? Drop us an email at!

Job description

  • Multimedia journalist for R.AGE, the award-winning Malaysian youth news and lifestyle portal. Wait: make that the MULTIPLE award-winning Malaysian youth news and lifestyle portal.
  • You’ll work with our *ahem* fun, dynamic, young and karaoke-loving team to produce video and editorial content.
  • As with all journalists, you’ll have to conduct interviews, do research, go undercover, attend events, write articles, shoot videos, edit videos, host videos, update social media, eat free food…. We like to multitask.
  • Perks of the job include occasional overseas assignments (#swag), interviews with famous people (think Taylor Swift famous) and getting a free copy of The Star every day. Oh, you also get to produce great journalistic content that makes a difference. That’s what we’re really all about.
  • Now for the serious stuff: We offer transport allowance, over-time, medical, dental, two months’ contractual bonus… Did we mention you get a free daily copy of The Star?
Our editor Ian and Taylor Swift. Told ya we meet interesting people...

Our editor Ian and Taylor Swift. Told ya we meet interesting people…

World Young Reader Prize, R.AGE team

The team with our World Young Reader Prize in 2014. It was R.AGE’s fourth international award!


  • Excellent writing skills (in English)
  • Ability to conduct quality interviews, preferably without totally fan-boying/fan-girling if it’s with a celebrity.
  • Comfortable with new media, like basic video production and social media.
  • Younger applicants and fresh grads are particularly welcome — we’re looking for talent and potential!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a relevant degree. Like we said — talent and potential.

Stuff we do

Write about important issues, like racism in the property market affecting college students, how pornography messes people up, or sexism in Malaysia.


Our #AllMalaysianWomen campaign against “everyday sexism” in Malaysia.


Hang out with cool people.


Go on amazing assignments around the world.


Have our minds blown on a regular basis by amazing young people.


Train the next generation of journalists through BRATs, Malaysia’s top young journalist programme.

  Are you as excited about our jobs as we are? If your answer is “YES!” drop us your resume at Looking forward to hearing from you 😉

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