JUSTIN Bieber was born in 1994 … wait! Is that not only 17 years ago?

Justin was “discovered” in 2008 by talent scout Scooter Braun; a year later his debut single One Time was released. That means he was only 15 years old back then.

I remember the first time I tuned in to MTV and caught the video of Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl. It was cute, endearing even. Also, the lyrics were sweet. Unlike a lot of artistes who sing about negative effects of love and relationships, Justin’s lyrics are pure and genuine. He talks about being kissed for the first time and being heartbroken – there is no hate or anguish involved.

When the videos Baby and Somebody To Love came about, I became a “Belieber”. He danced way better than I did!

Holly with the other Beliebers

Holly with the other Beliebers

But truth to be told, that was about it for me. I did not have an intense interest in Justin apart from watching his videos every time they came on MTV. I did not feel a need to follow his daily happenings, have a keen interest in his romantic life (he was barely legal) or cared about what the critics said.

Still, there were many websites that started to post negative comments about Justin Bieber, saying things like he had no talent and he couldn’t perform. There were also articles of him getting hit by objects such as water bottles while performing. That was when I got curious, and started to question the hype.

Why would people want to throw bottles at him? Why are girls and boys sporting the Justin Bieber hairdo? Why is he constantly featured in popular celebrity breaking news and gossip webpages such as I concluded that he must be doing something right and that all the criticism had only given him even more fame.

I felt that a lot of people who had something bad to say, probably did so because of Justin’s fast spiral to the top. Call it jealousy – I call it human nature.

Last week, I went to watch the Justin Bieber concert in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, being a “Belieber”, how could I miss it? As I got out of the taxi and walked towards the stadium, I could hear voices echoing all around the concert venue. I braced myself for a sea of screaming fans, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. I have honestly never seen such a massive energetic crowd at a pop concert!

Thousands of screaming fans and their parents waved banners and signs that ranged from “I love you Bieber” to “Marry me” and “Call me baby!”. A good amount of the fans were also geared in Justin Bieber T-shirts, while free posters were being handed out. Wanting to get into the spirit and mood of things, I asked for one but before that, I had to shout “Justin Bieber”.

“That’s not loud enough,” said the girl giving out the poster.

“Justinnnn Bieberrrrr!” I shrieked for the second time, and claimed my prize.

The show started and the crowd roared louder than I could handle. I cupped my ears and could still hear the melody of Somebody To Love ringing. I moved my hips with the beat while still trying to take in the fans’ energy. Everyone was dancing along; everyone knew all the lyrics.

The heat did nothing to stop the party. In fact, if anything, it spiced up the show!

How can someone at 17 years of age get so much fame and adoration?

Call it luck or talent – I think it is a combination of both. He proves that the haters do not matter and regardless of what they say, if one pushes on, success is inevitable.

I would say he is someone whom I look up to, as he has taken all negativity in great stride. Call him young, call him a sell out, call him whatever you want – he is making waves. What more can one ask for?

OMG! Justin signed this...

OMG! Justin signed this...

OMG. You are seriously not going to beliebe … er, believe this! Guess what MTV VJ Holly wants to give you? A money-can’t-buy picture of Justin Bieber with … wait for it … his signature on it!

*scream* *jump up and down* *faint*

All you have to do to score that photograph is to convince Holly why you are the biggest “Belieber in Malaysia” in fewer than 30 words. Come on, we know you can prove it to her!

Leave your entries below. Contest ends on May 3, 2011.

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