IF you’re a casual Magic: the Gathering junkie like me, then you’ll love Wizards of the Coast’s ready-to-play products, such as Duel Decks, Intro Packs as well as other special decks.

And come November 19, the next iteration of the Premium Deck series, Fire & Lightning, will hit town.

Premium Decks are all-foil – yes, that’s 60 cards of foil goodness in every such product. Plus, a handful of the cards come with all-new artwork.

Fire & Lightning

Fire & Lightning

(Note: Not all the cards are legal in Standard, since these are special collector sets and not considered as part of the regular releases that players would buy and use in tournaments. So, as long as their regular counterparts exist in Standard format, they are legal.)

And based on the full decklist announced this week on (, there seems to be a fair amount of expectation riding on this one.

Fire & Lightning, as the name suggests, is a mono-Red burn slash all-out “Aggro” deck that unleashes a steady torrent of creatures and spells.

Its “route one” approach of dealing damage (and more damage) makes it an extremely easy deck to play. On the flipside, this can be a tough and intimidating deck to play with, as it’s so aggressive and capable of dealing heaps of damage.

There’s a number of choice cards headlining Fire & Lightning:

Pillage: A hot, hot card when it was first introduced in the 1996 sequel to “Ice Age,” “Alliances,” this is your ideal disrupting card. And especially relevant too, in an era where artifacts are aplenty thanks to the new Scars block

Browbeat: Last seen in the “Time Spiral” Timeshifted series of bonus cards, this is an extremely whacky and fun card to wield. Does your opponent suck up the damage or let you draw three cards? Or, you could make him draw instead if he’s close to decking. (Hope he does not beat your brow when you do that!)

Mogg Fanatic: Ah, this essential Red Aggro one-drop is the perfect two-for-one dude. Attack or block for one, then sacrifice for an extra point of damage. Can you say, efficient?

Figure of Destiny: Before the Leveling Up mechanic was introduced in the Zendikar block, we had dudes like Figure of Destiny, who was absolutely nuts in all Red / White decks. It’s very hard to deal with an 8/8 flyer that has First Strike as well.

Boggart Ram-Gang: A hasty 3/3 that deals -1/-1 counters in damage, and costs only three mana. This was a widely used card when it was legal in Standard just several years back.

Fireblast: It’s very hard to not like the alternate casting cost. Because you’re likely to have too many lands during the mid- and end-game, and the 4 points of damage will go a long way in closing up the game.

Hellspark Elemental: I still have this guy in my good old casual Grixis deck. It still cheeses off my opponents to no end, on how this little dude smacks them for three, twice. Heck, you could be creative, add in a pump or two and go to town with it!

In short, I can’t wait to try out Fire & Lightning. It’s coming out here, and everywhere, next week.

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