So what did everyone get from their packs of Magic: the Gathering’s latest expansion set, Innistrad? Available for roughly two weekends now (counting the pre-release), this set looks like a pretty nifty one that will tide us neatly in the coming months.


The deckbuilders in ya’ll would no doubt be picking apart the various goodies in the set, to find out how the new stuff can be used. Well, that’s where web resources such as can help you fast track, by having beginner-friendly articles such as Mike Cannon’s “Boneyard Mill”, which gives some cool tips on how to make an awesome, fun and inexpensive deck that abuses the almighty Boneyard Wurm.


The inquisitive would have no doubt also caught regular Jacob Van Lunen’s “Human After All”, which is a scarily-fast Human tribal deck.


There are tons of other new deck ideas popping up all thanks to the new set, but let me leave those two on you first, for starters.


My quick thoughts on the new set: Innistrad has plenty of fast and super-efficient creatures, making it an exciting expansion indeed. The new and revamped Standard, and even Modern formats, continue to be extremely fast, with the advantage going to the players who can race the quickest. Remember Tempered Steel?


That Scars staple is still the deck to beat IMHO, but my money’s on a new solid White-Green build, that’s able to give it a decent fight.


But, expect some control variants to come out of the left field. Yup, I’m looking at all the Flashback cards – it’s just a matter of time!


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