OMG, you guys are not going to believe this but guess where I was last week? Okay, I’ll give you two seconds to make a few guesses. Alright, time’s up.

I was at the taping of an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles and it was simply fantastic. Seriously, I am a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel and it really was quite surreal to be part of the show’s audience.

In my opinion, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is one of the best talk shows in the United States and it is just too bad that the show is no longer aired in Malaysia.

Jimmy is original, witty and has a certain way with his guests and audience that you don’t really see with other talk show hosts.

He doesn’t shout, “You get a car! You get a car!” to the audience, or dance with them at the start of the show, but still, there is something about him that fans find so endearing.

I got a ticket to watch the taping of the show at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. Despite the show’s title, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is not broadcast live on television. It is pre-taped two hours before it goes on air.

It is pretty easy to get the tickets for the show. You just have to register online, wait a few days for the invitation letter, print out the slip and stand in line outside the studio an hour before the show begins.

However, whether or not you are allowed admission into the studio is another thing altogether.

A Jimmy Kimmel Live! personnel would walk up and down the line, and if he likes they way you look, you would get a bracelet that admits you into the studio.

Yes, the show is pretty discriminatory against … erm … non-beautiful or non-presentable people and the crew members readily admit it.

Before the taping began that day, “audience manager” Linc (who is this dreamy, gorgeous guy) asked the invited guests to look around and see if they noticed anything missing.

“Ugly people,” shouted someone, and Linc agreed. He said that the show is not ashamed to note that they choose good-looking people to be on television because, simply put, beautiful people make for beautiful TV shows.

In my head, I went “OMG, Linc thinks I’m pretty.” *blush

Besides complimenting the audience on their good looks, Linc’s job is also to “train” them – in under 10 minutes – on how to laugh, clap and cheer like mad when cued.

Let me tell you something, it is not easy to laugh heartily or clap continuously on demand and it gets pretty tiring after a while.

“If you get confused as to when to laugh or clap, remember that you are in Hollywood and just fake that s**t!” said Linc.

He also advised that as much as we love the night’s guests – actor Rob Lowe and reality TV star/carpenter Ty Pennington – there was no need for any of us to get up in the middle of the show and scream “Rob, I want to have your babies,” or “Marry me, Ty!”

When Jimmy walked in to present his monologue, the crowd went crazy (erm, not sure if they were faking it, though) and to be honest, he looks so much better off-screen than on.

He has lost a lot of weight, though it is not so apparent on TV and is quite a handsome guy.

Yes, I was surprised.

The crowd cheered louder for Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s regulars, Guillermo (the parking lot attendant) and Uncle Frank (Jimmy’s uncle who is also a security guard at the theatre), and as instructed, went crazy for the guests for that night.

Rob is an original “Brat Pack” (comprising a bunch of then up-and-coming actors in the 1980s) member and is one heck of a fine-looking guy. He was funny, sweet and had lots to say about his book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, which chronicles the days when he was still trying to break into the industry.

He also pens the many tales that he and other Brat Packers like Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Matt Dillon went through back in the day.

As good as Rob’s stories were, it was Ty who stole the show that night. There was better chemistry between him and Jimmy, and the reality TV star just played along as the host ragged him on.

The taping didn’t take too long and once the show was over, the audience was ushered to a stage area where guest artiste Wiz Khalifa performed songs from his album, Rolling Papers.

It was crazy how everyone in the audience went wild over the 21-year-old rapper who is famous for his single Black And Yellow (well, that’s the only song I know from him).

I was standing next to a bunch of ladies who looked a little out-of-place and were quite bewildered at the scene that was unfolding before their eyes.

So was I.

Wiz was singing and the kids were screaming their lungs out and having a great time.

We looked at everyone, and then we looked at each other and soon enough, we, too, were jumping, shouting and rocking as if we knew/liked the music.

Yes, we faked it. It was Hollywood, after all.

Sharm says: Jimmy Kimmel seriously has the most good looking guys working for him. Now, how do I get myself a job there?

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