OUR cover story last week was about Geh Chee Minh and his friends’ amazing (yet crazy) 3,500km journey across India for #charity.

Professional photographer Geh and his friends, fellow photographer Mark Teo and director-producer Joe Peter, embarked on a project to get people to support FRANK Water – an initiative that funds clean water projects in India.

The trio travelled around India on a 145-cc rickshaw and put their creative skills to good use to post compelling updates of the drastic conditions in India on Facebook and Instagram.

Their hard work, and some would say suffering, managed to help them raise over RM25,000 for the initiative.

We took it to Twitter to find out if anyone else has their own inspiring #charity stories to share. As Geh, under his Twitter handle @cheem, said: “It doesn’t have to be an event or activity really. Like the saying goes ‘#Charity begins at home’ ;)”

Have you participated in a #charity?

@joelwuj: I was one of the organisers for my college’s charity jogathon Jog For Hope – this year we raised RM29,000 for SPICES

@Shushaha: the human trafficking campaign @ProjectLiber8 launch in Zouk!

@AtikaZamimi: I joined my dad to sell our old novels and my handmade stuff and give all the earnings to the local old folk’s home.

@byetool: Charity Concert,Jazz at Tips of Borneo, Kudat. Flew artistes from Philppines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan. Profit went to childcare.

What #charity would you choose to be a part of?

@kingofcuteness: I like the one where we make Music/Games/Art and sell it and give the proceeds to charity. Win-Win situation.

@Put3Hazirah: Children definitely. Even spending time with them means a lot since they need all the love in the world.

@AtikaZamimi: TLC charity. Spending a day with the ones who needs to be loved, and show that there are people who care.

@Rachelroarsyou: Animal welfare.Animals need us to be their voice. Laws related to their welfare in Msia are horrible. Used to volunteer for SPCA.

@AdiEdrus: I would love to do a #charity that related with food. like a free food sponsor eg. biscuits and it will be donated to Ethiopia

@AcahMadinah: Cancer patients, without a doubt. Because I lost my sister to cancer & I’d do anything to make em feel good bt themselves 🙂

@kingofcuteness: Should gather some composers/producers in Malaysia to put together an album strictly for #charity

@Drs94: Fund raising for cancer patients and research, and helping refugee kids.

@Super_dyyy: I would like to choose charity run if I can. Cause charity runs are quite popular now, and it has more pros than cons 😀

How do you think people can make the most out of their participation in #charity?

@Put3Hazirah: simple just put yourself in their shoes

@DrS94: I think people need to understand that they need to get on the ground and help out. Spreading awareness is just the beginning

@JustineMeiErn: Reach out to those around you. Be more observant. Have the mindset of wanting to be better informed, and to act on it 🙂

@messi_limLH: Maybe they shud understand tht one can have immense happiness just by giving others happiness..

What’s the craziest thing you would do for #charity?

@emelynemei: get a tattoo! 🙂

@yuukuzuri: There’s ths charity called 125 where you give up the most important thing to you for 125 days. #one25

@DrS94: my dad and I were going to dye our hair hot pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month but my mum wouldn’t let us.

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