As revealed in our cover story, Daily trippin’, last Friday, a growing number of young people are having to spend several hours a day on the road, just so they can get to work or class.

Student Kenneth Ng, for example, spent about 90 minutes driving every day during his internship in Petaling Jaya.

Living in Sungai Long in Kajang, Selangor with his parents to keep his living expenses low, Ng had to wake up early in the morning to avoid getting stuck in traffic, and spend another two hours on the trip home.

Another student, Muhd Afiff, travels via public transport from Seremban to his university in Kuala Lumpur. While he spends about two hours in the bus every day on the 70km journey, he says it’s not a problem. He makes the most out of his #dailytrip by catching up on some sleep in the bus.

We took to #RAGEchat to find out what other young people had to say about their own #dailytrip.


@thestar rage: How long does it take you to get to work/school? Does your #dailytrip feel like forever?

@DrS94: An hour to school and one to two hours back. Feels longer than it actually is though. I take the school bus. Driving takes abt 45 minutes tho.

@Kumarzs: A 15 min trip by car takes me 45 mins to 1.5 hrs via public transport. Komuter + bus.

@ElleDarcy: Yup. An hour and a half from Shah Alam to Puncak Alam; three times changing the bus.

@heaventears: Have to travel at least one hour to work n at least one hour and a half to get home. Today, it took me two and a half hour to reach home~!!!!

@amirulazreen8: It took me three hours just to go to my university in Shah Alam and another three hours just to come home. Everyday. Two buses and one train.


@thestar rage: Does Malaysia have a reliable public transport system? How many of you here rely on public buses/trains and taxis to move around?

@Rachelroarsyou: Taxis charge you as they like. They “cut throat”, as some ppl would say. Had to rely on public transport at one point and it was a nightmare!

@josequotes: Not at all. Odd timings which is bad news for punctual people. The best part is they stop anywhere and create a jam.

@suettyng: Unreliable. KTM only has trains every 30 mins so if you miss one you waste a lot of time waiting for the next one.

@myhairsbigger: It’s much better now. But still needs fixing. They really need to put a list of where the bus goes at a bus stop

@Edmunndddnie: Never reliable. They tend to be late most of the time.

@itscarmenhong: We may not have the best public transportation, but I can almost count on the trains to reach on time, most of the time.


@thestar rage: Any of you here think about moving closer to your workplace/college to make the commute easier? Yes/no, and why?

@diniena: Yes! But Bangsar is an expensive place to rent.

@ruxyn: Nooooo. I love the comfort of my home :3 Distance from home to college is not a lot , it’s just the traffic 🙁

@abcdEMB: YES. Saves TIME than being stuck in traffic/drive for more than half an hour. I prefer going home early and rest properly.

@IamShyuanxD: No. The expenses is higher compared to travelling.

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