LAST week’s cover story was on young people who take their health and fitness into their own hands through research over the Internet, and a lot of trial-and-error experiments.

These youths set out to plan their own meals and come up with exercise regimes that they tailor to their own needs. We brought up the topic of “DIY-ing” your health, and asked our followers if they exercised or watched what they eat, how they exercise, and whether they think the whole “doing it yourself” approach is a good idea.

At one point the discussion veered off for a little while into what people perceive a “healthy body” to be. Here are some of the tweets from the session:

@AbigailQuah: So true! Obesity obviously isn’t healthy but a little flesh on our body won’t hurt right 😀

@JayAnilSS: There is a warped understanding of health. Most ppl know only overweight, but they don’t know underweight also unhealthy

@Shuli_tutti: conciously watch, but in the end just give in to what i want to eat. hehe wants to exercise but always in vain

@kimmyleggs: Its great. You choose what bests suits ur lifestyle! Being healthy is #DIY- no1 but YOU can make the change, u have it in u 🙂

@yanyinlim: some people think that not eating = skinny = healthy, may be peer pressure among youths that’s the cause of the “trend”.

@avrilchan: I cancelled carbs. Vegs. Fruits. Sugar. Omg.

@PriyankaPaaatel: I’m skinny, but I am healthy

@lijieg: Well,I know that fat is unhealthy but at the same time,thin doesn’t prove that it’s healthy!Each person has diff opinion!

@ruxyn: i think there are more young ppl that are concerned with their health now 🙂 but partly also, i personally there’s a trend :

@UntoldHero: being healthy doesn’t mean being thin it means eating healthy food ,seeing fat person doesn’t mean s/he is unhealthy

@wearenotacouple: Health isn’t about being thin tho. Being thin can be a dangerous thing, as can being overweight. Health is balance.

@ATM2U: I’ve been DIY-ing my daily 7km run since 2006. But if U have medical complications, get proper consultations.

@cuddyjah: by keeping a food diary! and i make it a point to do yoga when i get back from college, if i’m not tired. hehe.

@mijetspie: I eat em now but at small portions. Also if it’s not raining, I jog around my college area. Or tennis.

@beatricechoo: I eat everything I wan *sometimes* teehee 😡

@_Kylie__: tough Qs. I eat most things but when I’m feeling a bit unhealthy, I’ll pay a visit to the hot water and boil/steam my food lol

@iamLX_ander: i don’t really consider what i eat >< then i just hit the gym and thats it. ah but i do eat less choc, candies and junk

@iarrod: One does not simply …plan your own meals, especially when you’re in Food Haven (aka Penang)

@JayAnilSS: I do, to as far an extent I can. Living under someone else’s roof, I don’t have much say, therefore I limit what I eat.

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