Remember those days in school when you were asked to write an essay with the title “My Ambition” or “Cita-cita saya”? Do you still remember what the dream job you penned down was? Is it still the same today?

In our cover story last week, we featured young individuals who are now making a living with their dream careers, and loving it. (We are so not jealous because here at R.AGE, we’re all doing our dream jobs and no … we were not paid to say that. Just … erm, threatened).

During #RAGEchat, we asked all our Tweeples what their dream jobs are, the steps they are taking to achieve it, along with the kind of struggles they might face throughout the journey. Here’s what they had to share:

What is your #dreamjob?
@elTehSN: My #dreamjob is being a recording artist. I want my music to be heard and enough influence to make a difference. 🙂

@600K4: To be a propmaker and build my own prop making studio. Who knows, one of my work will be in a movie or something 🙂

@FlapJacqs: Famous blogger. Free things, and earn money while doing what you love. No fixed time.

@JayAnilSS: Game developer!

@Previn_siva: Always wanted to become a doctor, and I am now much closer to it. It’s a noble profession where it takes courage and empathy.

@Samjit92: Definitely a bodyguard or overseeing someone’s security

@darylchong: Full time youtuber!

@MohdHaffiszul: Engineer at @NASA or Google. These are the best places to work at.

@PURPLEstarstars: My dream job would be a vet. I wanna cure sick animals

@laynisha_vj: To be a radio deejay. (If can in redfm) :p and to host events and host TV travelling or game shows! I hope they come true! 🙂

While everyone has a #dreamjob, not everyone gets to actually live the dream. Some face stumbling blocks while others are pushed to a different path altogether.

@shudyyy said, “i really want to be a pastry chef! but my dad wants me to be a doctor :-(“

@azhamsvc faces similar restrictions from parents: “My #dreamjob is to become a chef but my mum never let me enter the kitchen until now.”

@AileeFadzlee revealed that he has no idea what he’s up to now: “I want to be a PR (public relations) person. Unfortunately I got offered an IT course and now im lost!”

@imover18 said: “I have always wanted to be a game designer. It is just interesting. But I’m current going for acca qualification. :(“

Our followers also gave their opinions on what they believe it takes to land one’s #dreamjob:

@DrS94: Passion. If you’re gonna be complaining about it 6 months in, I don’t think it’d really be your dream job.

@RachieWongie: Endless sacrifice, for starters.

@kuahjenhan: Perseverance and a level head on your shoulders is a definite to land a dream job.

@the_MarcusHeng: Find your passion and practice it!!! =)

@Northings: to achieve one’s #dreamjob definitely passion and interest is needed. Without them, it’s just another job.

@Ruxyn: never giving up, of course! Obstacles will come along the way but hang in there 🙂

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