So, the world didn’t come to an end after all (just as we thought). Last week, we asked our readers to tell us some of the things they regret not doing in their lifetime (assuming that the world was going to go kablooey back then), and threw them a challenge – to fulfill their goals or at least work towards making their dreams come true in the next six months. They were game, as were the Tweeples who also shared their “regrets” during #RAGEchat last Friday.

Some of them took up the challenge as well, and said they would work towards making their dream come true … well, we would find out how it all goes when R.AGE checks up on them next year.

Here’s what our Twitter followers had to share about last week’s cover story:

@thestar_rage: So if the world REALLY does end later today, what are some of the things you regret not doing in your lifetime?

@jayanilss: Going on a date. Learning to code. Writing a book. Making an album (abt halfway done). Reuniting with some old friends.

@donnalita122: Taking piano lessons!

@samsoncheong93: Joining photography session, start my first jobs, meeting my old friend and focusing more on a computing career.

@dinie_eiza: travel to Europe!

@yanyinlim: I wouldn’t regret but just be sad for online casino the things that could have been like finishing school and having a career, but I’d be very grateful for the life I had and all the people I’ve had in it 🙂

@afro_dreamer: Dating.

@brigidbee: I would regret not going sky diving.

@lilyyshynee: I regret not telling my crush i like him. If the world does not end, i will ask him out!


@thestar_rage: So if the world does not end (later that day) – what would you do to make that dream come true?

@adamsanwar: you mean the dream to see the world end?

@misshoranhere: not much i can do about it…i’m only 14. All i’ve got is my education, so i really have to study hard.

@blushpal: go places. and break out of routines by being spontaneous


@thestar_rage: Many of you have responded “regret not dating”. If we challenge you to make it happen – would you? We’ll check on you in six months (:

@samcherws: no.cause you can’t rush love 🙂

@jayanilss: dunno. I will get the guts to ask at the very least

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