THERE are real dangers in possessing a fake MyKad to gain entry into a club that imposes an age restriction on its patrons. In last week’s cover story, we featured two underaged clubbers who revealed just how one can easily get a fake MyKad for as low as RM50.

However, a fake MyKad could cost you more than just temporary ban from clubs if caught. According to the National Registration Act 1959, the penalty for possessing a fake MyKad could cost your a fine of not more than RM20,000 or a prison sentence of not more than three years or both.

In our weekly #RAGEchat session, we asked our Twitter followers for their opinions on underage patrons who use #fakeID to get into clubs.

@thestar_rage: Has anyone encountered underage patrons in clubs?
@zomg_its_rin: Fake? Underaged clubbers are frequently very over the top because they try very hard to ‘fit in’. Annoying at best.
@royaltylites: At the end of the night, they are in a very drunk/wasted embarrassing state
@TorqueWrench91: they misbehave and behave as if the club belongs to them. And when they’re caught,they cry like babies.
@imdjesha: I heard from a friend that she almost got caught in the police raid. Apparently she used the back way and escaped. Yeah. She is still clubbing after that (incident).

@thestar_rage: Do you think underage patrons should just wait until they are old enough to go clubbing at places with age restrictions?
@murukuness: There are clubs in Germany that allow 16-18 until 12am, which I think is reasonable.
@myhairsbigger: Clubbing or just chilling at a pub is okay. Maybe if they are aware of the harm and go in groups they should be fine. 🙂
@xNetushax: Teens probably like the thrill of breaking the law. Or just plain impatient. Family clubs are good exposure.
@messi_limLH: definitely!! clubbing just isn’t the best thing 2 do when there’re so many other forms of entertainment out there!!
@mayahelmi: yes but in healthy style. strictly no drugs and alcohol.
@farhanahfrancis: i think clubbing is fine as long there is no alcohol and drugs. maybe it`s one of the way to get out of stress
@shock_pro: No, i think if they think they can avoid themselves from getting into trouble in clubs there is no harm for them to go clubbing
@muzammil13: nope i dont agree. Clubs are still can be bad to them. Even without involved in any trouble. E.g. Seeing adults taking pills.”

@thestar_rage: Is it worth the wait?
@Kyp_Lim: yes of course, it gives them something to look forward to 🙂
@LihWern: there’s an age limit for a reason! When the time comes, it’ll come. Why rush to grow up?
@jasonmumbles: Yes. Besides, where do they get the money to open bottles or transportation to and fro? Dangerous to take taxi late night.
@nikicheong: I waited. And I turned out alright (that’s subjective but still …).
@murukuness: Go with people who know the scene and have your best interest in mind. You’ll have a good time without getting into trouble.
@VishaaEfRoN1D: Underage clubbing is never cool! It only makes the society look down to you and your family…
@queensourwolf: I’d give my children permission to go clubbing cause I’d rather have them do it with supervision rather than sneaking around.

@thestar_rage: Are you aware of the penalties one could face for getting caught with a fake ID?
@angain403: As if its implemented. Here in Ipoh you don’t even need a fake ID. All you need are good connections and you;re good to go
@josephineliew: yeah i went into the disco before but using my real ID and yet i just cover the year i was born with my finger haha
@CelestineFooooo: teens are naturally intuitive. they WOULD do something wrong for the heck of it. therefore authorities should be more aware

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