The holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims practise a lifestyle that focuses on purification, self-reflection, and discipline as they fast and abstain from food and liquids.

In our cover story last week, we featured young Muslims who are going the extra mile by abstaining themselves from not just food and water, but also from other things like the Internet, music, and TV.

An individual we featured even chose to fast from certain types of food like junk food and carbonated drinks, while yet another is abstaining from movies and going to the cinema.

In today’s modern world where things like the Internet, cellphones and social media are almost impossible to let go of, abstaining from such fixtures in modern life can prove to be a challenge.

So our question to all of you was simple – would you be able to do the same? Could you abstain from the Internet, from TV, from music, from social media, for an entire month?

@isebelleysf: well I can survive. But I’m so used to being connected to the world and everything, so it’ll be very hard to get used to

@heyoranges: No way. Never. Not to say I’m lifeless, but (I have) assignments.. 🙁

@estherdeer: I’d do it! it’s good to get away from the internet and social media sometimes. 🙂 for one, we’d have more time on our hands to do other things & while i think social media is great, its refreshing to get away

@poopstyles: YES it would increase my productivity by 277374827274

@tanjieyee: Of course i can survive by fasting from the internet…. for an hour? Lol

@Mialiaaa: I’ll fast internet for sure! 😉 but distraction isnt quite the word… I just get carried away so easily when am online..

Of course, our favourite tweet was this one:

@myskidoo: If i fast from the internet, i wouldn’t be able to have a #RAGEchat session with you :p

Apart from our usual #RAGEchat on Twitter, we also had a #Twitteradio discussion last week on our R.AGE on Red radio show!

Every Friday, we use the power of both Twitter and radio to engage our readers, to find out what they think about the issues we wrote about.

The ever-awesome Fiqrie, who hosts R.AGE on Red as well as his own show, Edge on Red, interviewed us about how the story came about and helped us take live callers. We on the other hand, ran our usual #RAGEchat discussion in the studio and read out some of your best tweets .

We weren’t expecting too many callers since our 7-8pm slot meant that many of our readers would be breaking fast, but we did get a couple of callers, one of whom said he’d be fasting from dating this Ramadan. Now that’s commitment.

Here are a few others who tweeted us about the “additional” fasts they’re doing or have done in the past:

@ruxyn: I tried before a few years ago.. 2 weeks of fasting internet. I managed to stay alive 😀 But now… I think I cant 😡

@shammyzzz: Me! I won’t listen to any songs unless religious songs until buka. *insert serious face*

@mienalieas: when i was in my final semester, i deactivated my fb account… for 4 month++.. haha.. worth it! For this year i’ll be fasting from shopping fr first 3 weeks in Ramadhan, and will be ‘shop till you drop’ after that. #RAGEchat

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