After our #RAGEchat made the news on Wednesday, revealing that most young people were actually against the Education Ministry’s plan to allow handphones in schools, several teachers tweeted us on the issue as well.

Most of them seemed equally opposed to the idea, as they believed it would cause unnecessary distractions, more disciplinary issues (thefts, cyber-bullying, etc.), and more problems for teachers who are already burdened with many duties as it is.

Here’s what some teachers had to say:

@faridzkecik: It’s easy to say a teacher can do all those civic duties. Come to school and give it a try … I don’t think it’s a good idea. Students should focus on studying, socially getting friends and performing hands-on activities

@topekTM: i’m a teacher and i don’t agree bcos i believe there are more cons than pros.believe me.

@faizal_zam: i’m a teacher..i’ve seen many bad consequences happen by students bringing their phone to school.

@curryegg: I’m viewing it +vely where #PhonesInSchools can bring positive effect on students’ learning if clear class rules r implemented. Virtual learning can be done with @FrogAsia esp to students who have wi-fi phone #PhonesInSchools

Teach For Malaysia responded to the #RAGEchat as well, and they believed it was a generally positive move, though they had some reservations as well:

@TeachForMsia: We just asked our followers this yday! Some are worried abt gap btwn the haves & have-nots. Some think the divide shouldn’t impact opportunities to learn & want to think of creative ways to share tech in class

@TeachForMsia: Tech is a tool; it will be up to teachers to use it effectively & ensure those who don’t have the tech won’t be left behind 🙂 Will definitely be interesting to see how this pans out in classrooms next year!

We received quite a few comments from teachers on our Facebook page as well, where we posted an online version of the story.

Wai Yee Yong commented: “A BIG `NO’! Students are very creative with cellphones, iPads…. I’ve caught students sending answers during a mid year BIOLOGY examination (after demanding these Form 5 Class students to surrender their mobile phones in the midst of the exam). That was in 2005! I checked through their last few text messages and found 5 of them cheating. The leader was the smartest girl in the class!”

Jerome Chan added: “I am a school teacher. I disagree with the approval of use of cellphones, iPads, or even any electronic gadgets in schools starting next year. I am wondering whether the students really need all these, when schools have computers labs installed with internet, which serve learning and teaching of all subjects.”

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