THE local streetwear scene has been booming recently thanks to a few hip and uniquely Malaysian brands – all created by young people.

Most of these brands started out being sold online.

Some of them, however, have done so well that they’re now opening physical stores!

We interviewed the founders of some of these brands for our cover story last week, and as usual, we took to Twitter to see what you guys thought about the topic:

@thestar_rage: How is #streetwear different from other types of apparel?

@shafiqah_zain: It’s really comfortable and I feel really cool wearing it! 🙂

@luceifer89: Originality and personal style.

@MsSherryChance: Its cozy and it matches with every shoe I wear 😀

@Avril_Lautner: I really feel cool when I’m wearing it.

@foojeanni: It is different from mainstream fashion and it enables people to flaunt their personalities through their clothing.

@simonseow: Cool design and bold message. Also, it’s not mass produced.

@ShadowNeko920: Something easy to wear and stylish XD

@thestar_rage: What are the streetwear brands you know of?

@DanRFTS: @pestlenmortar, @whiterabbitkl, @LansiCaps

@Box_to_Box: Uhh….. Body Glove? #backintheday

@shafiqah_zain: VANS!

@EddSkater: Hellbent, a local skateboarding brand.

@AmirShahrom: Doll Store? It not only offers streetwear for men, it’s also for women.

@shpy_: Stussy, Vans off the wall, Obey, Supreme, Huf, Shade, Only, etc

@thestar_rage: Would you wear local streetwear?

@YiPeng22: Most definitely, but unfortunately I don’t own any.

@shafiqah_zain: If there is, I would totally buy it! 🙂

@foojeanni: I don’t own any but i would buy them if they look good.

@tansuann: Yes! And I own one too 🙂 Can’t be any prouder than wearing our own local streetwear brand.

@lizzawong96: Nope but there’s this Pestle & Mortar crop top that I’m hoping to get. Too bad I’m broke though :/

@ChunVun: Of course, own a few like Pestle&Mortar, Eggbash and The 108.

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