Vegetarianism might seem like just another one of those diet fads to most of us, but in Malaysia, some young people are really getting into it – and very much for the right reasons.

It’s not because they want to lose weight, and it’s not because PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) tactics are working.

According to Malaysian Vegetarian Society (MVS) secretary general A. Krishnamoorthy, it’s because they believe it’s a lifestyle worth adopting to help save the planet and protect animals from cruelty.

Research has shown that industrial livestock farming has a huge impact on the environment, but will that be enough to persuade young people in Malaysia to consider turning to a vegan diet (no animal-derived products)? Is it difficult to practise veganism in Malaysia?

We posed these questions and more to our Twitter followers during last Friday’s #RAGEchat, and here’s what we found out:

@thestar_rage: Have you ever tried adopting #vegetarianism? Why?
@whitealyssum: Just started this year! It’s been six months I guess? It is because I really love animals. Now when I go to the pasar, I can’t stand it 🙁
@josephineliew: I started to eat vegetables only after i saw the animal carcasses. They should not to be killed and be our food!
@peaanutbutterr: I go #vegetarian when I can 🙂 Like I’ll always order the vegetarian banana leaf rice when I eat Indian food
@MINALIAS: Never. I need meat sometimes. Can’t avoid kambing golek… =(
@suettyng: I have. On Mondays. Mondays are Meatless Mondays… Unless there’s a special occasion.

@thestar_rage: There are a lot of online memes and posters making fun of #vegans. Do vegans get teased here in Malaysia?
@MiyenLala: I’ve been a #vegetarian for 18 years. I’ve encountered all kinda reactions from people. I just ignore them because I know they’re ignorant.
@DureshanFrost: They come up with all sorta weird terms, calling me #vegetarian food names and sometimes they tell me they pity me being a vegetarian.
@DiSoliano: They try to be funny but end up saying the dumbest things, like “if you love animals so much, don’t eat their food”.
@hooihooi: My bro is a vegetarian. I don’t have to make fun of him, he does that to himself sometimes haha.

@thestar_rage: If we told you #vegetarianism can help save the planet, would you consider adopting the lifestyle?
@Khaos99: Can help doesn’t mean it will. Though it does play a part, a more significant role would be to switch to renewable energy first.
@Evienereal: I’ve attempted veganism before- Being vegetarian and vegan is a dietary choice, not a matter of nature! Big lesson learned!
@marrasikon: Not really. More land will be needed to be turn into plantation. Habitat loss. More animals perish. Not sustainable.
@uchiakebanashi: Well, after reading the article I feel like I should eat less meat but I wouldn’t stop eating meat

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